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Hello, coming through currently rainy Paris! How is everyone? You guys, I am at this very second so overwhelmed with emotions : excitement, fear, apprehension, tension, joy… A mix of everything for one pretty explosive cocktail. I can tell you this. For those of you who follow me on my social media, you might know that on the 6th of May, I finally shared with the world my very first single called “OUT”, (you can by the way listen to it now on Itunes and Spotify). And although I am for sure going to write an article fully dedicated to it in a couple of days, I can’t help but feel the need to talk about it, right here, right now and of course let you know how deeply touched I am by all your messages.

From the very beginning I knew that they were not all going to be positive and I was expecting a lot of criticism, for sure. But I feel like many of you felt the authenticity in this track and all the work and passion I truly wanted to put into it. You took the time to share your thoughts, to actually listen… And I am so unbelievably grateful. I know I have so much to prove, but I am more than ready. And, thank you for giving me a chance.

My little emotional cocktail is also due the Cannes film festival approaching way-yy too quickly, it’s scary. It feels like last year’s festival jus tended, and yet so many things happened ever since. There’s definitely so much preparation involved, tons of emails to deal with and well… I better find these perfect dresses right now or I might just do all these red carpes naked. Cannes is always one of the most amazing, completely crazy periods of the year. It is so much fun though and I always make some of the most unforgettable memories there.

Many people ask me if I am still just as excited for everything that’s happening and going on and my answer is and hopefully will always remain : yes. Beyond words. And I hope to never become numb to all these incredible experiences that I value so much and find so truly special. I know how in life things can come and go so easily, having the chance to attend the Cannes film festival for the 4th year is definitely something so very special to me, and I am dying with excitement.

Today I am sharing with you a new article I had the pleasure creating with the wonderful Narciso Rodriguez team around their new scent “Narciso Poudrée”, it’s a very beautiful, delicate yet sexy and sensual fragrance that evolves around powdery notes and musky accents. For the occasion, I wanted to create some images with the same color scheme as the bottle which has such a beautiful shade of powder pink, yet, under a certain lighting tends to look like the perfect nude beige. It’s such a beautiful, minimalistic bottle and I wanted this idea reflected throughout this shoot that James and I did a few weeks ago while I was in L.A. Hope you guys will enjoy it and make sure to test out the fragrance, just a touch on the wrists and you’ll be hypnotized.

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