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Braid it up

I’ve always loved experimenting with my hair looks and get a little creative although I have to admit that I am not the handiest person ever. There are a few things I can do pretty well when it comes to hair styles, like a nice sleek pony tail, but even when it comes to curls : I can somehow mess it up pretty dramatically! However, there’s always been one thing that I absolutely loved and it’s a good braid. Oh yes. Especially because I have such long hair and that it just keeps going in my face all the time. A braid is so elegant, fresh, effortless and above all so easy to do! Plus the options are limitless, there are literally hundreds of types of braids you could possibility do. And that’s just even more fun to play with.

For a long time I thought that a braid was THE perfect look for a work-out because when you jump around, a chignon tends to get too loose and a pony tail is a bit too thick for when you lay on your back on a yoga mat. A braid is flat enough and holds everything in place for you to jump around like a monkey and sweat it out. On the other hand, I would always braid my hair while travelling. Just because it’s so nice to land somewhere, take off the braid and see little curls appear in your hair. Plus it makes you look super cute while on the go. I’ll also admit that I’ve developed a reflex of braiding my hair every time I get slightly bored or while waiting : I mean doing a little fishtail in your hair is probably the most entertaining thing you could do while in a waiting room. Except for checking Instagram of course.

So today I wanted to share with you two of my favorite braid looks that I created together with the Kérastase team. They just released the most awesome book called the “Book Of Braids” with some beautiful illustrations for each hairstyle. There are tons of different styles to pick and choose from and many of them are inspired by popular street style looks which means : these are all achievable by yourself in the comfort of your own home. The first look I wanted to show you is the loose side braid which is kind of this super effortless style that you’d create in a few minutes while heading out to lunch with friends. I like wearing it when my outfit is very chic and sophisticated to contrast a bit.

The second look is much more sporty. It’s a high, super sleek pony tail that turned into a braid. This look is perfect for either a work out OR I would even go ahead and wear it for a red carpet because it’s so bold and dramatic. You can really go as far as you can, play with the texture of your hair to achieve the perfect aesthetic. Either you want it sleek, thick, more texturized : it’s really up to you. For my looks we always used the “Matérialiste” product from Kérastase which is basically this amazing thickening spray. It adds a beautiful texture to your hair and makes it way easier to braid it and hold the look in place all day. It’s your turn to have some fun with the Book of Braids now because you guys can download it by clicking on the widget bellow! Enjoy my loves and get creative ;)



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