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Boho chic

Pictures by James Chardon

SECRET LOCATION STYLE LAB III Experimenting, experimenting… When you have the occasion to pick from some of the most amazing clothing and from one of the best concept store in Vancouver, yup talking about Secret Location again, huhu, then you kind of want to try something new and different. Something that you don’t have the occasion to wear everyday (just like in yesterday’s post, wearring a black wig… actually kind of made want to colour my hair black! you guys seemed to like it) so here I am this time trying out a more bohemian, hippy chic look. As soon as I saw this top, I thought that it was so special and unique. Problem was : had absolutely no idea how to wear it. That’s the deal with crop tops or any other shirt that has some sort of weird cut out to it, how to pull it off in a stylish way? 

After trying half of Secret Location’s clothing stacks looking for the perfect highwaisted skirt, I saw those adorable shorts which weren’t exacltly what I was looking for as combined with the shirt it showed a little bit of belly (not a fan of exposing my pumpkin) but actually it worked quite well and inspired me to try a more boho look, which in fact, I did end up enjoying. So it’s an experience that might lead to more as I’ve always been a lover of MK and Ashley’s super layed back hippy, yet super modern and elegant look… And it’s perfect for summer :)

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