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A stroll on robertson

Happy sunday sweet pies! I just landed in Los Angeles after a short trip in Chicago where I hosted my event at Macys with Michael Kors. It was so much fun meeting all of you! I can’t be thankful enough for your time and the fact that so many of you came out to greet and say hi! It was beyond inspirational to see all of your wonderful faces and to actually be able to have a moment together to talk about life, goals, dreams and of course…fashion.

Interacting with you behind a screen is of course very convenient as I am able to reach out to readers from every corner of the world, but I find it so amazing to travel to a city like Chicago where I’ve only been once when I was 6, and know that I’ll know so many of you guys there. It’s seriously mind blowing each time to see this contrast between online and off line, where seeing you in real life feels so much more tangible… and honestly breathtaking. So thank you again for making me feel so blessed. To all of you guys who showed up to the event, I hope I didn’t disappoint and manage to give you some energy, inspiration and strength to keep going and writing your own, beautiful journey.

Right after landing, I headed to the Milk studios in L.A to shoot for a very exciting project. A 15 pages editorial in the next Paper Magazine issue which will talk about digital influence. I am seriously thrilled about this and can’t wait to show you the result of an intensive day of shooting with the talented Dewey Nicks, a genius celebrity photographer who worked with icons like Cameron Diaz to artists like Taylor Swift. It was probably one of the most incredible experiences ever. I had a little preview of the images, and all I can say is : get ready because it’s going to be cray-zay awesome. It tickles my nose, that’s how much excited I am.

This sunday was all about taking it easy. After spending yesterday night writing music, I decided to indulge in a day of laziness : hanging out at my favorite coffee shop before heading for a mani/pedi session to spend some girl time with Fiona who just landed in L.A! Sometimes, it’s good to take some down time in order to recharge those batteries. Especially when it’s on a sunny sunday! There’s nothing better than that.

And on days like these, here’s what I like to wear. Something cute, yet casual. Chic, yet effortless. Navy has definitely been one fo my favorite shades to wear lately. It’s the perfect mix of elegance and casual. Not girly yet extremely sophisticated. I love this dress by Rebecca Minkoff because of it’s loose structure yet super flattering waist cut. What made the difference for me was this beautiful Filini necklace which is truly the statement of this whole look. I love how bold it is with it’s chunky blue stones and beautiful silver fringes that make it look like an art piece. In fact, all of the items on Filini’s website are truly remarkable. I love to spend hours browsing their gallery to find some exclusive pieces I know I won’t find anywhere else. It makes me appreciate even more to know that it’s a piece not every has ;)


NECKLACE : Filini Collection

DRESS : Rebecca Minkoff (Similar Here)

BAG : Louis Vuitton

SHOES : Chanel 


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