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It’s crazy how colors can not only affect our mood but also convey such a different image of ourselves. If you ever entered our apartment here in Los Angeles where Fiona and I are currently living, then you’d notice the very high black and white tendency (with gold and marble accents please, thanks). I once read this quote that made me laugh so hard “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color”! I can absolutely, 100% percent relate to that. There’s just something about it that’s so timeless, so mysterious, so… beautiful. It goes well with everything, it fits everyone, it’s easy and plus, it can make you feel pretty badass. Just saying.

I won’t be able to avoid talking about how special today was. As you guys might know from my social media, today a project that I’ve been working on for 2 years got released. My book On The Go, is finally born. After only one hour of being released, it already sold out on Amazon which completely blew all of our minds (you can still get your copy here guys!). We are of course preparing a full on, big article about it which is coming up next week so I don’t want to spill out too many details. All I can say is that there’s a pretty big sneak peek on Snapchat and that if you’re living in Switzerland, you can head to the libraries to get your hands on it from now on!

I am so happy to be here in Los Angeles for a month. It feels quite surreal to think that I won’t be traveling as much haha (it’s a pretty good problem to have, right!?) but seriously, I am just so happy to have y fridge, do my laundry, snuggle in bed if I want to and just enjoy a bit of time home. I am spending Christmas and New Year’s eve here, my mom is coming to visit as she’s never seen Los Angeles. So I’m going to take her on a very serious California tour! Can’t wait for that. There’s truly no better way for me to finish this year with something cozy and quiet with my one and only mom who’s literally my biggest supporter.

This look is all about some serious black action. All these pieces from from the new Express Edition line which I am slightly (a lot) obsessed with. The pieces are so chic and perfect to mix and match. This jacket by the way would also look tremendously good with some blue boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt. And the hat is a must have, imagine it with a big burgundy faux fur jacket and turtle neck!? There are so many different options. One thing for sure, is that L.A is kind of the dream when it comes to avoiding the winter cold. Feeling pretty lucky… That’s all I can say. Guys, California’s waiting for you. It’s anytime ;)



JACKET : Express Edition

PANTS : Express Edition

CLUTCH / HAT: Express Edition

TOP : Express Edition

Shot by Cibelle Levi

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