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Ever since I shared the Alter Ego article about a year ago, I keep getting feedback still now about how this story and the images resonated with people. Hearing or reading this, is the most gratifying thing in the world. Not because you might have simply liked the article, but because it spoke to you and that somehow it put words to how you felt. The alter ego theme has been so fascinating for me throughout all my life… This idea of being able to be anyone, to do anything, to feel invincible, to morph into any character. It’s limitless and a very empowering theme. It is like the ability to create our own version of the super hero we’d like to be in a comic strip. And by channelling that, a part of us actually becomes it. Last time, I was telling you the story of all these different girls and how they all reflect an aspect of my personality. This new series goes in line with the exaggeration of a trait of character, but it is less of a fantasy character, and more like myself. Let me explain.

When I talk to some of my friends, who are photographers, singers, writers, stylists, producers, dancers… I realize that we all have alter egos. It is simply a place in our minds where we go when the need comes. Nothing is more important in artistry when it comes to creation than having a vision and having a mental clarity to be able to go “there”, and especially being able to get in and out. Everyday life challenges us to sometimes minimize our eccentricities, to “normalize” ourselves in a way to fit into common society and routine. This conformity is necessary to a certain degree for the well being of community so to say. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong about that, I mean, how complicated would it be if we all did whatever we wanted and lived in a total anarchy. But we all have this place where we go when we want to let it all out, let ourself be the exaggerated version of who we are.

This is when the idea of alter ego becomes interesting. Many singers admit to having an alter ego that they channel when they go on stage. Simply because the transition from street to stage is so brutal that a part of you needs this protection behind a strong, fierce, badass character to make you feel like nothing can break you, and also partly because generally the visual identity of an alter ego is that much more symbolic and striking. Some writers unleash their most twisted desires and thoughts in their texts and that’s what makes their books or movies so interesting. It an exaggeration of a concept. That is why I find in art such a relief as it allows me to let go of so much and express all these different feelings and moods that I go through in one character.

When I am in the studio writing songs, as much as I love being in a vulnerable zone and being completely myself, in order to create the metaphors, paint the images, tell the stories, you need to dig deeper in your brain and use all these feelings, these memories as a tool to push yourself to limits. I am overall a very happy, positive person. You guys know me, you’ve been reading my corny texts for years now and know how cheese I can get. There’s nothing I love more than a good motivational speech about dreams, passion and my love for wine. But when it comes to my alter ego, it’s another story. Let’s put aside the idea of alter ego as it almost feels like we are talking about someone else… When it is simply a parallel version.

I think we all like to challenge ourselves in the sense of finding oppositions, whether it comes to our relationships or our work. It is interesting to create contrasts to perceive ourselves and the world differently. I’ve always been appealed by things I didn’t understand, places I didn’t belong to… Curiosity of course is a bit part of it. If someone tells me I can’t do something or go somewhere, it instantly makes me want to do it. Reverse psychology there you go. Works like magic. My mom would always make me eat my veggies like that.

So I won’t be giving a name to the girl you see in these following shots. I will say this though, it is me. Just another side of me that I’ve been learning to have fun with and to embrace from time to time. That chick comes out when I’m writing on some sick pop tracks in the studio! Oh another thing, because I know it’ll get all of you talking, I do not smoke. And the reason why I chose to have a cigaret in some of the shots is because it is undeniable how incredible a cigaret looks in photographs… Think Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction and just sit back, and enjoy. A BIG shoutout to by girl Cibelle Levi for killing it again, these images that are truly some of my favorites e-v-e-r. Watch out for that one, I’m telling you, one day, she’ll be shooting the campaigns and magazine covers of your dreams. Can wait to see that day happen.

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