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Hello to everyone and happy Monday from rainy, and particularly gloomy Paris! What a sweet feeling to see these images when the weather here is so dreadful, it honestly just makes me want to snuggle up in bed and not move anywhere… I’ve been in Europe for about a month now and simply can’t wait to be back in Los Angeles, be back home and re-united with the sun, the palm trees, my couch and well, my fridge of course. As much as I love travelling, I have to say, I am kind of at a point where I need to put my suitcases down for a bit and not move anywhere again. It’s hard because I’m such a wanderer, I love getting lost, feeling wild and free, but sometimes, it’s also nice to feel wild and free in one place. And take the time to build stories instead of leaving before the plot actually begins, you know what I mean?

I am looking forward to spend a long while in L.A hopefully and spend hours walking by the beach, getting lost in my thoughts, feeling inspired by all the new experiences that came into my life these last couple of weeks and transform them into something. I also can not wait to be back in the studio and work on some new music. There’s so much to do… And so much I’d like to share with you. When you choose to live a life chasing your dreams, and living outside the box, you realize how big the world is and how it’s filled with endless possibilities. The choices you make build your story, and eventually your life. Sometimes, you’ll stumble upon the fact that there isn’t one right choice, but many of them that could all lead you to different paths, and each one can teach you, show you something interesting and valuable.

There’s nothing more important to me than freedom, whether it’s in my personal life or creatively, feeling free, feeling like you can choose, and be ruled by your instincts and your guts is priceless. And I truly wish we could all be ruled by the genuine feeling of wanting to enjoy the life to the fullest without fear, without asking ourselves too many questions, but simply by embracing the moment, living it with intensity and passion and let life surprise us. This is freedom. Freedom is not necessarily letting our doubts, our insecurities stop us from living unforgettable moments, because if you ever let it stop you, regrets might come knock on your door sonner or later.

Some might say that living like that is reckless, and that one needs boundaries, reason… I won’t disagree. But freedom doesn’t mean hurting others or hurting yourself for the sake of running wild and free, freedom means not putting labels on things, it means honesty, transparency in regards to others and in regards to ourselves, it means going after something we want without fear, being connected with our hearts and with other’s energies, creating dynamics and being rules by authenticity. I love spending time by myself here and there, I’ll go for a walk, or lay in bed and let my mind go on for hours… And it usually always guide me right where I need to go, it tells me a bit of what I need to know. Don’t be afraid to listen to yourself, a lot of the answers to your own questions are already in you.

As you might have understood, today’s theme is freedom and these images were inspired obviously by it. To me, a mermaid represents this idea and it was my biggest pleasure to play with it for this new project with Cartier around their stunning Amulette Or Guilloché. What I’ve always loved about the Amulette by Cartier is the symbolism behind it, the idea of locking a wish in the pendant and letting it close to your heart to guide your steps, like a lucky charm that’s always there to remind you of what your heart’s longing for. This particular pendant is so precious and special because of it’s absolutely incredible detailing, the or guilloché makes it looks like a precious medallion found somewhere deep in the ocean, it reflects sunlight like magic and is pretty like a sea shell around the neck. For the occasion of this shoot, I got to be a blondie again which was great fun. I hope you guys will enjoy this set, sending you all my love x

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