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Au soleil


If you guys have been following my social media these last couple of days, then you might know what a crazy whirl of joy, excitement and craziness this year’s Cannes film festival was. Each year, I wait for this moment with so much anticipation, the french riviera, the gowns, the champagne, the people… It is definitely one of the most glamorous events of the year. Cannes is the right time to put the game on big times and bring some of that fire to the red carpet. Okay, okay, now let’s bring it back to reality a bit. A lot are speculating about the festival and how it’s been progressively becoming a “media circus” (same comments being said about each fashion weeks, Coachella and any occasion people take to actually dress up and play around). It is true, sadly, that Cannes is becoming less and less about the movies and yet more and more about the models, the celebrities and the parties themselves. The Cannes film festival is filled with gossip, who’s been on the boat of who, who flirted with who and more precisely… at which party? Half of the actual actors aren’t even staying in Cannes, they rent a suite at the Eden Roc until the amfar to escape Cannes’s craziness… And yet still, there’s something magical about it and the whole world talks about it for 10 days.

So yes part of me is a bit confused. Are we loving or are we hating the festival all of a sudden? I simply cannot imagine myself hating it. I’ve been there, done that, went there, saw the movie and honestly loved the experience. Plus, it was my biggest honor to attend the festival as an official L’Oréalista for the first time this year! A very exciting news that came with a bit of it’s own pressure. Gotta own up to that title. I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the festival for many seasons now, but this year, it was a completely different story. My schedule was orchestrated minute per minute, second per second with interviews, photoshoots, snapchat-instagram-twitter takeovers and so on. Being a L’Oréalista is not as peaceful or relaxing as it seems. It was so crazy that I even wondered, am I presenting a movie or what? How come my schedule is so insane? Meeting all the girls, the models, the actresses and being united with the entire L’Oréal team was an absolute blast and the most surreal, special feeling.

The other half of our time in Cannes, we spent it with our beloved Chopard team. It felt like being back with our swiss family and people we’ve known for years. I will never forget my first Cannes film festival and first Montée Des Marches with Chopard 4 years ago, the excitement, the nerves and now…  what a crazy evolution. This year again, I had the biggest pleasure to present their “WILD” party and announce the evening’s performances. Oh you know, nothing special… Joke. Just some freaking incredible Diana Ross and genius Mark Ronson. And even though, judging by the short snipped on my social media, you guys jumped on me to say how bad my hosting was, trust me that I enjoyed it, and even had a bunch of people coming up afterwards to give me a high five (it’s because I didn’t post the part where I began making stupid jokes…).

Even thought I spent most of my festival in gowns, our time with Chopard was more peaceful and relaxing. We took the time to climb on the roof of the iconic Martinez hotel to shoot this series of images where I am wearing some of Chopard’s beautiful Happy Hearts jewelry and Happy Diamonds watch while shooting with my favorite Justin Wu. It was one of these days where I could wear a more casual outfits so I decided to match it to more fun and playful jewelry, this watch being an absolute dream to wear. It’s such a sophisticated, timeless pieces and yet the little moving diamond bring so much charm to the watch that is truly a jewel and perfection in terms of craftsmanship.


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