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Wow. Times really does fly doesn’t it? I do wonder as I am writing down these lines how is it even possible that I haven’t been writing here for such a while? I guess that life simply really kept me busy. When I look back at all the things that happened these last couple of days I have to admit that it did felt like a crazy roller coaster. But to be totally honest that’s how these last couple of years actually felt. Lately, so many changes have been happening in my life. Whether it’s on a personal level such as friendships, relationships, moving to another country (or should I say continent!!) transitioning into a new career path and well the boring stuff such as settling down, building a new life in L.A and getting all the office work done. My head is filled with emotions. Feelings of fear, of pressure sometimes… But above all a tremendous sensation of excitement.

I guess all of this lead me to take sometime to actually, really, live. I’ve been spending these last couple of years behind the screen of my computer. And I always owed you guys pure honestly. This was my goal, and it will always remain. For the longest time I use to think work 24/7, to the point where going out with my friends felt pointless because I always had an article to post, some emails to write, some new projects I wanted to draft in my notebooks. I would lock myself down in my hotel room somewhere in the world and create, create, create non stop. But I somehow also missed on living, real, simple moments that weren’t linked to my blog.

Nothing of this could have been achieved without it though. And it was a sacrifice I took which I don’t regret at all. But there is a time for everything and lately, a strong feeling woke up inside of me where I just kind of wanna go out there and live. Dance, have fun, meet new people, make mistakes, learn from them and write songs about it. I’ve been songwriting since I’m about 13. Just always vomiting all my emotions on a piece of paper (as elegant as it sounds, it’s really what it feels like). It’s my kind of therapy. And how can one write a good song when you’ve living in a virtual bubble rhymed by Instagram posts and likes on Facebook?

My way to cope with everything has always been to put it all down. To open it all up. Whether it’s here, where you guys have learned to know me since years, or in real life where my friends know me like an open book, I’ve always felt the urge to share. And music, is just this beautiful, universal way to Share with a capital S. To me, my life makes sense only if I keep doing this and even though it sounds so dramatic, it’s really how I currently feel. Studio sessions have been so emotional lately as I feel like truly beginning a new chapter in my life.

And yes, it might mean that I’ll be posting a bit less on the blog but it means also that the quality of each post will get this much 100 times better! And you get to follow all my crazy adventures on Instagram and now Snapchat too which is so unbelievably fun. If you are already, then you might know that I am currently in Paris. The thing about Paris is that it totally awakes something in me. A creative, poetic aspect of my personality. It just gets me more pensive, more romantic I would even say… I mean just look at Paris! It’s the most beautiful city in the world! Being in L.A as much as I love it, made me realize how much I missed Europe. So we are here for a month and just wrapped up both Men’s fashion week as well as the Couture shows. I am now staying another week as I’ll be recording some music here and then off to South of France for a couple of days before coming back to Paris.

Speaking of South of France, I am really excited to share with you today the result of a shoot we did during the Cannes film festival, at the hotel Martinez wearing these incredible Chopard jewels. It was another magical year attending the movie premiers with them and living this breathtaking experience together with their amazing team which now sort of feels like family. For the occasion, I also wore this stunning Elie Saab dress which I actually sported then afterwards for the Amfar Gala wearing a red lipstick and sleek pony tail. I hope you guys will enjoy this series of images shot by James. I will speak to you really soon! Just wanna say also how much I love you all, and how much I appreciate your support and patience. There’s so much to come you guys. You can’t even imagine. All my love goes to you.

DRESS : Elie Saab

JEWELRY : Chopard

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