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Down time

In those rare moments of snuggling in bed, it’s either I go full on potato style and wrap myself up in dozens of layers of warm pyjama fabrics (animate socks included) or, on days where I don’t want to feel too ashamed of myself, I take advantage of relaxing to still kind of look fresh and chic. It gives me a little impression of being effortlessly elegant, you know… This article showcases this situation quiet properly! We got some super luxurious Olivia Von Halle silk pyjamas, a beautiful rose gold Chopard time piece and, well, a full make up on as I just had it done before getting ready to head out.

Investing in comfort wear has probably been one of my biggest luxuries and indulgence as it’s something you don’t buy for work, or to show yourself with to the world. It also isn’t much of a productive object, so we could say that it isn’t such a smart investment. At the end of the day, it’s something you’ll mostly wear for yourself and can so easily live without. I mean common, I can sleep with my radio head XXL t-shirt and feel awesome about it. BUT there’s just something so elevated about having a silk pyjama on and rolling around in white bed sheets while sipping on some hot coffee. You feel like a princess in your castle, even if you might just be twirling on the couch.

For a long time, I kept wondering about the utility of investing in home wear and even lingerie as really nobody but me will truly enjoy. But the more I grew up, the more I realized that in this whole fashion game, the most important actually is to please yourself, have fun, bring some lightness and beauty in your life through these little details that you only will know. Now, I spend like crazy on pyjamas. It’s probably my favorite thing to buy with candles, and I don’t even spend that much time in bed… But it’s just this idea of pleasure and of snuggling in style that I find so fascinating.

When I travel, I like to have beautiful essentials with me, either it’s a bathrobe, a cashmere wrap, some slippers or an eye mask, I like to have these little details to elevate my experience and make me feel like home anywhere I go. When I was in New York for fashion week, I had the opportunity to stay in the popular Empire hotel (Chuck Bass’s hotel in Gossip Girl hehe, had to mention it, just had to). Their comfy beds were a dream and the day after we won our blogger of the year award, we kept receiving flowers and gifts in our room during a morning which was more laid back that the others. These kind of moments are truly unforgettable.


PYJAMA : Olivia Von Halle

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