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London call

I’ve been lucky to have seen people come up, telling me how surprisingly fresh I looked after all these trips and general fashion month madness…If only they knew! On the inside, the word “fresh” isn’t probably one I’d use so far. Of course, I feel flattered but such generosity of words and by the fact that I eventually manage to hide my un-freshness pretty well! When trying to explain my “tips and tricks” as a few have asked I always say : a lot of coffee, concealer, highlighter, blush and dry shampoo. Oh, and add on top of that duck tape and 3 battery packs. We’re now in Paris ,catching up on all the posts I didn’t manage to publish last week while in Milan because of our nerve wrecking wi-fi. However, it’s the last sprint of our fashion month marathon. I am seriously so excited for all the last shows! It’s going to be, as always, magical!

London treated us incredibly well. It’s a city that I love SO much. The streets are so charming, full of elegance and finesse. Shopping is absolutely wonderful, food in general is so diverse.  But above all what touched me the most, is the people. They are all so lovely, polite, patiente and just kind in general. Of course, the british accent just makes me melt and would make the most rude person look so posh and fancy that I wouldn’t mind. But still, from the moment you land to the moment you’re actually in the city, I felt really overwhelmed by the degree of kindness and attention.

It’s such a wonderful place and I truly, deeply, wish to being able to come back and spend some private time there to be able explore all the different areas and hidden corners. There seem to be so many interesting cafés, restaurants, bars, boutiques, that don’t look like anything special from the outside but are the coziest, preppiest spots. Fashion week however always keeps us busy and is always such a rush. Unfortunately we barely have time to seat down and enjoy a meal. So even less time to stroll around to discover the city. Yet, I was dying to go to Harrods and Liberty’s for a traditional shopping break. But again impossible due to our schedule, which forces me to think about planning a trip back pretty soon…!

London for me, is all about a more experimental, underground and different fashion style. The whole ambiance of the city might have influenced the choice of this dress. I’d even say it did at a 100%. I wanted something unexpected and twisted to contrast with my previous looks. The goal was to play on different layers and structures to create a sleek silhouette that’s at the same time subtle, feminine and minimalistic. It was an honor to wear that day these beautiful Chopard pieces, such as this fun Happy Sport watch and a ring that I completely crushed on : a teddy bear that just sits there and hugs your finger. Such an adorable detail to add!!!! I love how with distance it looks like this super edgy golden mass but once you get closer, there’s this sweet teddy looking up. Isn’t it adorable?

That day, we were covering the backstage of some of the top shops of LFW with Toni & Guy, Hair Meet Wardrobe, to report on some of the coolest hair trends. Our last show of the day was Vivienne Westwood with eccentric hair cuts and unexpected stylings. I was so impressed by how the T&G team is so efficient, quick and above all creative, doing a different up do on each model to complete the creations of Westwood as the perfect punctuation to her art.


DRESS : Jo No Fui (Similar Here & Here)

SHOES : Alexander Wang (or Similar)

BAG : Louis Vuitton

JEWELS + WATCH : Chopard

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