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For a very long time, I used to always say that I’m a city girl. Indeed, I do love the noise, the people, the cars, the action… I like everything to move at an accelerated pace and choose my own rhythm in the middle of all of it. There’s something about big cities that is motivating, it drives and pushes us further. But fact is, my passionate love for city life was at it’s peak when I was still leaving in my tiny little village in Switzerland far away from anything that can even ressemble to a corner of a New York street. It’s always the same, we want what we can’t have isn’t it? Now that I get to travel so much and explore all these intense environments, so fascinating and thrilling as they are, the more I crave a connexion to my roots. Sometimes, I seriously just want to take my shoes off and walk barefoot in the middle of the streets or lay in a park for hours, head in the grass, eyes up to the sky, and do nothing else but breath and connect with nature.

It’s so important to be able to find serenity and peace in these little moments, escape society’s craziness to connect with the simplicity and the world itself, the grass, the trees, the stones… And realize that everything is what we make out of it. Things come and go and we tend to make such big deals out of everything when the nature itself manages to balance out it’s own inner conflicts and create a harmony between everything. It auto-regulates itself. Pain comes and goes, fear, doubts… everything. Even happiness, it comes and goes and it comes back again. And that’s the beauty of it, you never know what to expect. You have to live with it and embrace it as part of it. There is no yin without yang like they say.

What I appreciate the most about L.A is having this balance, a smoother pace, warm weather and a rich sun that wakes me up every morning. You can go out and be productive as much as you want, but then you can go ahead, climb a mountain and completely isolate yourself from the rest of the world and have your moment of total silence, which we all truly need sometimes. To create these images, we decided to go past the Malibu coast with the team and climb a rocky hill for 30minutes in order to get to the top that gave us the view over and endless horizon of ocean. The feeling was indescribable. To get the perfect lighting, we even chose to woke up at 4.30am in order to get there by sunrise and appreciate the first rays of sun. Totally worth it.

As you guys know, it has always been my biggest honor and pleasure to team up with Cartier to create stories around their absolutely magical jewels, and this time again, I am proud to share with you all this editorial which is entirely inspired by the new Amulette “Wood” from their newest collection. Drawing lines from nature, it’s an incredibly gorgeous piece with a warm wood centerpiece and diamond which to me feels like the perfect detail to a bohemian, earthy toned outfit for summer or fall. Each of Cartier’s jewels seems to keep so much mystery and poetry, it’s like a treasure you get to wear around your neck, a memory keeper of special moments, unique life instants or simply a reminder of what’s truly important… This piece is my call to nature and this is what I wanted to portray in this shoot. Our idea was initially to get lost in a forrest to shoot it but it was hard to resist the appeal of this majestic hill that was calling us. I hope you guys will love these pictures as much as I do. x

Photography by James Chardon

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