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Lapis lazuli


What a crazy last couple of days it was… If you follow our wild adventures on Snapchat and Instagram, then you might know already that we just wrapped up an insane week-end at Coachella. And I can’t even express how inspired and energized I feel right now. It’s like a breath of fresh new energy in my body. I am so ready for everything that’s to come. First of all, watching all these artists perform was completely surreal and absolutely overwhelming. We let ourselves go and drowned into the sound of music under that hot desert heat. It was priceless. Sharing this experience with my closest friends was what truly made it worth it. In the middle of all this haze, we were there, all together, running around, dancing like crazy and singing along to every song we knew.

In the middle of all of this, our days in L.A have been packed with new experiences. I’ve been spending my days in the studio recording with new producers and been songwriting practically non stop. With all these incredible things that we keep living on a day to day basis, the inspiration just keeps coming and coming…Which is so incredible. Music allows me to express myself differently, as much as I am in need to write constantly, whether it’s here on the blog (where I always feel like I’m writing an essay because my texts are soo long) or in my diary where I write as often as I can, music to me is another degree of expression. It allow you to share things that words on paper can’t express. Truthfully, I couldn’t live without this. It’s my therapy. Ever since I’m a kid, no matter what happens, good or bad, I always coped with it through songwriting. And then my mind would feel at peace again.

On the other hand, Fiona and I have never felt more like gypsies. We’ve been travelling so much that at this point we have up to 10 suitcases with us and still live in a hotel in L.A while visiting places. We are searching for the perfect condo to move into and it’s a not an easy task… As much as hotel life is fun, I can’t wait to get my own place, decorate it and create a temple of creativity for the whole KayTeam to work from. It’s a huge project but we’re making it happen one step at a time. It’s been months now that we officially moved from Switzerland and to be totally honest, well it feels really good. Because I am with James and Fiona who are both like family to me. We surround ourselves only with good vibes and stay as grounded as we can. The life in L.A is such a blessing. From the weather, to the food and this sick lifestyle. There’s honestly no place I’d rather be.

With that being said, I am so honored to share with you all today the first part of a new adventure with Cartier. Last year we had the chance, here on Kayture, to be the first ones to open this magical journey with our shoot for L’Amulette which we had done by sunset in Santa Monica. And today, a new chapter begins. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, well you know that I don’t wear that many jewels in my everyday life. I like to keep it clean and simple. However, I’ve been wearing my Amulette like a lucky charm. It’s always with me, keeping all my secrets and wildest dreams on lock… ready to be unlocked at the right moment. I honestly believe in the power of a little bit of luck in life. Who doesn’t need a little magic push right? Ever since I saw this gorgeous Lapis Lazuli Amulette, I felt like drowning in a deep blue sea or a constellation of golden stars and cyan skies. I’ve been loving how it matches the color of my eyes and reminds of such beautiful moments spend during holidays by the ocean. I hope you will enjoy this new set. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and stay updated for more. We have some very special surprises for you coming soon!


All pictures by Mary Meyska 

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