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Spring suit

What does spring makes you feel like? All I can think of right now are long walks, drinking lots of fresh coconut water and finding the most perfect spring dress : light and airy. It’s definitely a time for innovation, whether it’s updating your wardrobe with new essentials or renewing your home interior, it just seems like the flowers are blooming, our heads are just filling up with new fresh ideas. And we just all crave a new little fresh kick! And I know for sure, I do! Of course living in L.A changes the rules of the game quite a bit. The weather here is completely in-sane. Not even exaggerating. Every single day is more beautiful than the other one and I feel so blessed for  each and every single second spent here.

Our days have been mad busy, juggling between finishing my book, songwriting, working on a lot of super exciting fashion related projects… all of this got us going on and on and on. Which is a great thing : I like it busy and productif! Coachella is only a few days away and guys, I am so ready. It is going to be something pretty amazing. I would even say Epic! So make sure to follow all the news, I’ll be documenting it all on my Instagram and of course… my new obsession : Snapchat! I feel like it’s a little window to my life, where you really get to know me a bit better as well as see all our little adventure so much more closely.

This is what’s been happening lately. I was so happy and couldn’t wait to show you all this set of images that we created a while ago with Hugo Boss for their eMag! I could only post the shots here after they’ve been released for the mag so I had to wait a while and some of you might have seen the full editorial already but what can I say… I absolutely love this gorgeous baby blue suit. I feel like it’s the perfect option for a spring chic ready look. Weather can be so tricky, from one minute to another it goes from super warm to completely chilly. That’s why I swear by long pants and always a light coat or jacker over the shoulders.

Also love this pop, bight color, seems to fit in this background quite perfect, now doesn’t it? That day, as I was wearing this look, I was headed to a bunch of different meetings in town and it was so easy to transition from that into more of a casual look by taking the blazer off and even trying to attach it around the hips. Love the transition even into a night option with a little lipstick, some hair tights and maybe a sleeker heel? Pastel blue has been one of my favorite colors for ages now, I find it so beautiful. Obviously when I saw this look for the first time, I completely fell in love with it. Don’t miss checking out my feature on HB’s Emag! Can wait to have your thoughts.


Total Look Hugo Boss

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