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Jet, set, go

This last couple of days have been slightly mad, I will admit it. James and I just flew in L.A after 48hours spent in Beijing. This back and forth trip kind of gripped us by the bones but it was so worth it from beginning till end. We’ve been to China already several times, Shanghai more precisely, but Beijing was our first time. And I loved it even more. We visited so many beautiful places, even though our stay was so short, tried so many local dishes, met so many lovely readers. I had the best time ever.

Now we are back in L.A and back to WERK! I’ve spent my week-end working essentially, Saturday was a big shooting day for us (can’t wait to tell you more about it) but Sunday was all about fun. We decided to enjoy ourselves after a bit of a hectic time and spend a peaceful moment with friends over brunch, wine, a view and movies. Simply the best schedule we could have ever planned. Now that the week is kicking off, the only thing I can think about is hitting the studio again after this super enjoyable post fashion week break. I’ve been songwriting and singing from morning till evening all these days and simply can’t wait to put it all down on paper and tape.

The weather in L.A right now feels like absolute summer, which is so crazy! I sometimes forget what a bubble of paradise California is and how cold it is in the rest of the world. My friends from New York for example keep saying how insanely cold it still is. These last couple of days have been so warm here in West Hollywood but from time to time a little wind shows up and I have to say that a jacket or trench coat always comes in handy. I am super excited to share with you today a look that I’ve created while working together with the Michael Kors team. After attending their show during NYFW I felt so inspired by their super effortless, city inspired aesthetic that I wanted to create my own interpretation of it.

So before we left to China, we shot some of the pieces from the new Michael Michael Kors spring collection and their ‘must have’ accessories for the season. You, know, throwing in a little “Jet Set” vibe here and there ;) This look is kind of all about feeling and looking super laidback, but looking chic at the same time. I’ve always felt like a trench coat had this amazing ability to elevate any outfit. Also wanted to throw in there a little denim detail with this fringy top and a versatile bag that you can fit your whole life into (just cause we all need room for our on-the-go essentials!!!). This bag is called the Riley. I have a big thing for white bags this spring. Don’t even ask me why. I just love them.

My other favorite item are definitely the boots as they are so comfy and look so casual and effortless. They’re part of the new Michael Michael Kors ‘Jet Set 6’ shoe collection which is all about mixing up comfort and elegance. I say thumbs up. Perfect if you’re moving and travelling all the time (gotta keep it busy!). So folks don’t miss out on checking out all of their cute spring essentials and let me know what you think about this outfit. Speak to you all super soon!

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