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Hi from sunny California. I hope all of you guys are well and enjoying the delicate rays of spring sun light and getting physically and mentally prepared for summer approaching. My friends and I just got back home after a wild Coachella week-end where all we did was dance, sing and just simply, enjoy. It was the perfect amount of good energy to infuse into our currently busy lives where lots is changing and forever evolving. Having spent a good amount of time in Los Angeles, I am preparing for a few intense months of work in Europe, with some very exciting trips ahead which I am looking forward to tell you more about when time comes.

I wanted to share with you all today an article as I recently partnered with Michael Kors to try out their mini 70 Instax Polaroid camera which is part of their collaboration FujiFilm. This is their second camera to launch, now available in this exclusive metallic silver which features the Michael Kors logo and the designer’s signature. It’s the perfect little accessory to keep close when you’re travelling and want to make sure to capture certain precious memories. And of course, as anything Michael gets involved in, it’s design is super sleek and modern which goes along pretty well with his latest collection which I am wearing in this editorial. We shot these images at the Bates Motel in Silver lake, Los Angeles, which I highly recommend for anyone to visit and see as it is an entirely white painted abandoned hotel with white palm trees in a lovely area, right next to the Café Stella and some other cute little Silver Lake shops.

Hope you guys enjoy this and I will talk to you very soon again!


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