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Freedom. Freedom is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about the whirl of experiences and adventures we’ve lived these last couple of weeks. Freedom is the word I have in my head when I close my eyes and think about how lucky and blessed we are to be leading this kind of crazy, bohemian life where it all comes and goes, where we step into the unknown each day, where we wander without really feeling lost, just knowing that we are headed somewhere special, somewhere magical no matter what. Having this belief is what keeps us going.

A lot of people ask us, so what do you want to do in a couple of years? Where do you see yourself in ten years, twenty years? Setting any expectations feels like I am taking away from that freedom of mind I am currently in… As a matter of fact, I kind of don’t want to know where I am headed. Having a very global idea of it as well as heart full of dreams and ambitions is enough for me to guide my steps and keep me centered. All we are really seeking in life, is beautiful stories, moments to remember forever, sharing and caring, giving without waiting anything in return and grasping each second as if it was the last. As long as I keep living like that, it doesn’t really matter what I’ll be doing in a few years, because I know for sure that I’ll be able to find happiness in the smallest things.

It’s unbelievable to see all the way we came through. James, Fiona and I had such an emotional moment the other day where we sort of wrapped up one of the most important moments of our careers so far. We got invited to host a speech at Oxford University. And being the first digital influencers in the world to ever come speak is an honor beyond words… If someone would have told me that this opportunity would come along, I would have seriously said “wait whaat”!? But it did happen and now I am convinced more than ever that being kind hearted, rolling with the flow, doing things with passion and being hard working are values that can only lead to good. We were so unbelievably excited when we got asked to do this. My heart was pouding like a beatbox that day and James couldn’t stop running around in our hotel room. Seeing so many amazing students who came by and gave us some of their precious time was so humbling.

After Oxford we were on a crazy ride of trips, from Oxford to Japan for 24 hours and now back to London for a few days in order to work on a few shoots and projects before leaving to Cannes for the film festival, which will be such an amazing experience I am sure. All of this to say that these last couple of days have been goosebumps worthy and that I will never stop telling you guys how much your state of mind is everything in life. As long as you keep your head clear, your mind focused, your heart kind, there’s no way you won’t achieve your wildest dreams. And if there’s anything that can remind you of this, please do it.

I am so happy to share with you today the very last part of our collaboration with Cartier around their iconic Amulette. This time in this gorgeous, warm, carnelian stone that reminded me of dusk as soon as I saw it. It’s this magical, precious moment of the day where it feels like time stops for a minute and the whole sky turns into this ocean of colors… There’s no better place to observe nature’s most beautiful manifestation than from the hill of the Griffith observatory in Los Angeles. I hope you will enjoy this last set of images… And now, unlock your wish!


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