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That 70ies vibe


Hello from sunny Paris! We are spending a few days here after our Cannes film festival for a few meetings, shootings and well… days off too! Because yes, we absolutely, most definitely NEED it. Like, in a major way. Our lives have really been all about running around : from one airplane to another, from one city, country, continent to another in a matter of hours and all of this, non stop. Our #KaytureOnTheGo hashtag is very accurate to be totally honest. There’s not a single second where we don’t feel like we are living like gipsies. We’ve learned to do so many things in the back of the car (like applying eye liner on a bumpy road, yeah, been there, done that) or like packing 3 full outfits in a Céline trapèze bag (it’s all about space optimization y’all) and change in the streets for a quick shoot.

We’re never facing routine and that’s what I love about it but sometimes it’s good to learn to take a break and wind down. These are the times when you let the inspiration in and open some room in your head for new ideas. I guess I am so un-used to doing nothing that evertime I have time off I panic and literally don’t know what to do of myself. Learning to chill out is a whole art form by itself actually! I remember a few years ago when my life wasn’t as mental as it is today, I used to organize cocooning days at my place with bubble baths, movies and tea. A.k.a the most relaxing, soothing thing to do ever. Needless to say that I just physically and psychologically struggle to do that now : I crave constant action! It needs to boom and pow all the time otherwise I’m just always kind of like “so… what going on!?”.

This might sound weird but it is true. And the fact that I’ve always been kind of hyper active hasn’t really helped. I get so excited by everything : there’s always something I want to do, something I want to see. I just get so curious about everything and don’t want to miss on opportunities to learn something new or meet new people. So these few days in Paris are all about taking it easy, but our own way. We’ve been spending our days with our friends, hanging around the city, enjoying the amazing weather, having sweets at every other corner of the streets and just feeling happy at heart. Being here just gets me so overwhelmed. It’s almost like a second home. Because I come from the french part of Switzerland, I grew up watching french television and have so many friends who used to live in Paris, it always feels like being very close to home… And it’s a very comforting feeling.

We shot these images yesterday while hanging around in Le Marais, an area in Paris that’s filled with the coolest concept stores, little restaurants and coffee shops that are absolutely to die for. And for that occasion, I decided to channel a 70ies inspired outfit with a trend I’ve always been a bit skeptical about : the flare pants. I always felt like it wouldn’t be really flattering and would just look odd on me, until that day when I finally decided to give it a go. And honestly you guys, no regrets AT ALL. I am now slightly obsessed with these amazing flare jeans from 7 For All Mankind. They’re from the Giambattista Valli capsule collection and they are one of the most flattering and beautiful clothing pieces I’ve tried! They make your legs look so long and slim it’s unbelievable. I wanted to match them to some good old timeless pieces like a little trench coat, some Céline sunnies and a beautiful white blouse tied around the waist to accentuate the high cut up the jeans. If you guys like these jeans as much as I do, then there’s also a matching denim top that’s absolutely gorgeous and you can even take part in the new 7FAM competition allowing you guys to win 3’000£ worth spending on their website! Isn’t it awesome? I hope you guys will enjoy these images that we shot with my super close and talented friend Justin Wu, we got some amazing things on the way to show you! You guys have to check out his work :)




JEANS : 7 For All Mankind

COAT : Topshop

TOP : H&M 

BRACELET : Céline 

SUNNIES : Céline

Photography by Justin Wu

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