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Parisian reminescence

It’s official, we are kicking off today a completely insane month of travelling around the world. Literally. Although I am now sort of experienced in travelling like a crazy person and spending sometimes less than 48hours in a completely different continent before leaving somewhere random again, I have to admit, I feel challenged by the amount of trips we have planned in the next couple of weeks… Challenged but also so incredibly excited. There’s truly nothing more magical that having this impression of freedom, as if the world is at the tip of your fingers for you to touch. I love having a taste of each city and forget where I come from. Just feel like I kind of belong everywhere and anywhere at the same time. It’s very eye opening and refreshing.

I also would never give up on this instability, the fact that there’s no routine in my life at this point is actually something that I couldn’t live without anymore. Each day is a surprise and even though we all search for this grasp of security in our lives, I like to expect the unexpected and let the flow guide me. So… In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be travelling through the States, then to England, Japan, Paris, Cannes, Paris again and Barcelona before flying to L.A again. There are so many incredible projects on the way and I can’t wait to share everything with you guys. You guys by the way have to get Snapchat! I find it so fun as it really feels like a live diary where you bring on people on your journey. I share everything from my random encounters to my beauty tricks, new appartement tour, music covers… And what’s even better about it is that it’s so spontaneous : no chance to edit the videos. You post them right on the spot. So if you want to get to know me better (or seriously make fun of me for all the idiotic faces I do all the time) this is the perfect occasion. My Snapchat username is kristina_bazan! Wanna see you all of you guys over there :)

As I mentioned, we will soon be back in Paris! It’s a city that I miss every time that I am away for too long. The charm of the streets, the food, the ambiance, every single aspect of it is so inspiring and uplifting to me. To the point that we do consider being bi-coastal and living between L.A and Paris just to get a grasp of both worlds. My musical temple would therefore be L.A and my fashion cocoon, Paris. Our home away from home so far has always been the Park Hyatt on Place Vendôme where we already made so many breathtaking memories. From shoots, to parties with friends, to quiet (or super stressful!) moments in between shows, Park Hyatt’s amazing team somehow always managed to make us feel at peace…

During our last stay for PFW, we had the full 360° experience! There’s nothing more enjoyable than to experience a Spa treatment by La Mer in the comfort of your own hotel in the middle of a completely hectic fashion week. Their Spa is such an intimate temple where I feel like my mind and body regenerates each time I go. Also, for even more pampering you can get your nails done at their Kure Bazaar organic nail suite! Yes, you’ve heard. Organic. I was also very surprised to hear at first that nail polishes can come in an organic version too! So why choose anything else, right!? Their suite is such a beautiful space where you feel truly well taken care of. I got a dash of a pale rose nail polish for a clean, natural look. I also love hanging out at their bar on the ground floor where they serve delicious smoothies and coffees. It’s the perfect spot for business meetings or a quick chat with your friends. And if you’re planning your next stay in Paris, then definitely try to get one of the rooms that faces the place Vendôme. You won’t ever want to wake up any other way…


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