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Lost in the tropics


Here we go you guys! I feel really excited to share with you today a new chapter in our adventure with Cartier, telling the story of the Amulette. I am particularly happy because this time, I’ve tried working with a new photographer, Mary but we call her Meyska. The story is slightly different too, it’s ethereal but sensual and with the whole attention focused on this new beautiful Amulette in it’s light green shade. When I saw the color, all I could think about was an island and turquoise water, palm trees and the heat. I love this delicate gold surrounding the green stone, its says something so magical about the jewel. We based our whole story line for this shoot around this tropical idea, trying to re-create this feeling of heat, this impression of being lost in a jungle and having this lucky charm around the neck to guide our steps. Also the light is key, it’s the aura of the Amulette reflected in the sun and creating this magical, whimsical ambiance. It’s like being lost, all by yourself facing your deepest dreams and wishes.

I love creating concepts for our shoots. There’s nothing more challenging and fascinating than being able to tell a story without words, just through images. It’s an ambitious goal, but it’s so interesting. Mary and I have been scouting the location and decided to get lost in these big leaves of Palm. We tried to create this feeling of isolation, almost like if you were lost on an island with just the Amulette around the neck to protect you. I’ve been so happy with the variety of challenges our collaboration with Cartier brought us, with each shoot we try to create something different, something new and magical. We want to take you guys on an adventure, awake your senses and make you feel something through each shoot. I love how the Amulettes now come in all sizes and colors, it’s so playful and fun to be able to explore and get a different feeling from each one of them. I’ve been wearing my pearl one non stop but now, I am tempted to have some fun and play with all these beautiful tones.

This color in particular reminds me of freedom, of a summery playfulness pushing me to try to be as spontaneous, easy going and full of dreams as I can be. Summer is almost on our doorstep and we just came back from an unbelievable trip in Bahamas where we seriously had the best time ever. In the middle of moving in our new appartement and planning the craziest month ahead, there’s nothing we craved more than a little escape in the sun… Just to feel the salt on our skin, our bare feet dancing on the sand, our minds completely switch off and let it all go to the sounds of music. It was pure heaven. We had so much fun with our friends doing boat trips, hanging out by the beach, exchanging stories, sharing dreams, talking about the future and closing our eyes with a smile on our lips knowing that it’ll all happen if we keep believing and if we just keep doing the best we can. Our heads and hearts were at peace. If there’s one thing I hope, is to remind my self of this feeling all my life. This hope and assurance that something good will always happen. Because it will. So unlock your deepest wishes, dare to dream and enjoy every single second.


Pictures by Meyska

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