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Dior me up

Ah… Paris, paris, paris. What a magical city it is. As much as being in L.A is an absolute dream, I have to say, I am a european by heart and spending time in Paris seems like something I know, like something natural to me. First of all, having the opportunity to interact with people in french is such a luxury. I grew up speaking french with my closest friends and it’s been the language used during my whole time in school. I would say that’s it my mother tongue even though it isn’t really… It is however the language I speak the best (I speak 3.5 different languages, Russian, French, English and a bit of German).

On the other hand, I am so used to the way people interact there, the things they talk about, the way they think, the way life works. French culture is all about the details, about precision, about this subtle elegance, about beautiful words… I say all these things but I would agree that one can never set a generality about anything. It always depends on your own personal experience. However let’s all admit that there is this something so special about Europe, and especially Paris of course. I am simply in love with these charming streets full of stories, the little brasseries full of colors. Even Parisian has it’s charm. It’s part of the whole package. You take it all… or you leave!

Our experience during Couture fashion week has been totally different from this season’s Prêt à Porter. It’s been much more mellow, with more time to wander, to meet people and enjoy a warm cup of coffee instead of running away after 15 minutes like we had to do a week ago during ready to wear. Couture is all about quality and not quantity. We selected only a few very specific shows that we wanted to attend and kept it simple. Less is more. Dior was definitely one of these brands that I was dying for. Attending their couture show, was an extreme privilege. And I have to say, I kept the invite. Just because it was too pretty to get rid off. But also because Dior couture is any girl’s dream.

The day started with a little hair and make-up appointment in our suite at the Park Hyatt Place Vendôme. I usually do my own everything, but who would say no getting prepped by some experts from the Dior crew? Because it was such a gloomy day, we thought that a little pop of orange on the lips could brighten up the look and add a touch of fun. The hair got some waves a big floppy hat to fight against the rain drops that were annoying the whole fashion crowd that day. As for the look, it’s all about the latest Dior essentials, from this gorgeous gray coat to the black chain bag. Dior it all up!

Total look Dior

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