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Paris, Paris… Mon amour. I woke up this morning with a crazy desire to have a very long lunch at La Société (the tuna tartar and one, or many, glasses of Pinot Noir…Merci!) before walking around endlessly in Saint Germain. Oh Paris… I have such a strong attachment to this city and I can tell that I am missing it so much. To all my french readers, I hope that the situation is getting better. With this terrible tragedy that occurred, I have never seen anybody react like the Parisians did. My friends, who got locked up in their apartments for days when the conflict happened, told me some words that will never get out of my head :  “What happened is a tragedy and an attack to humanity itself. But, they aren’t going to stop us from enjoying life, from being happy, from drinking our wine and having our endless dinners, from being honest, from throwing parties out of the smallest occasions, from making love and giving love to our beloved ones, no matter where they come from, no matter their color or gender, they aren’t going to stop us in our freedom of expression.”. So the next following days, they all decided to sit outside, on the terraces of their favorites brasseries and make it a statement “we won’t stop living, even if it’s worth dying for”.

Paris is inspiring me day by day. And even if I am so far away right now in sunny California, I can’t wait to be back in January. This year has been so, so incredibly impactful for us and I realize that we have spent almost half of it in France. It just feels so close to my heart, to what I know, to all my friends that are there and also my family that is so much closer. Having been raised in Geneva, which I heard some call the Paris of Switzerland, I have to say, culturally, there are so many similarities. Honestly, all I really care about is eating cheese and talking about Marcel Proust for hours while dressed in a black and white marinière and camel coat over the shoulders, with just a touch of red on the lips and finger tips…

Our long fashion month finally wrapped up early October in Paris after we circled through the whole globe. I still can’t believe that I haven’t properly shared with you guys our PFW recap. I guess there have been too many things going on. Which is always good, right? This season was pure magic and I think that my personal style has also evolved into something different compared to last year. Obviously the 70ies were a huge inspiration, with Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and all these other gorgeous french icons that I’ve been looking up to for ages. The pants were flared, the tops short, tight and cropped. I loved playing with collars, chokers and long fluid materials became my go-to. During most of PFW we were followed by the L’Oréal Paris production crew who were filming the short movie announcement for my arrival as the new e-Spoke in the team. So my make-up during the whole time was pretty much on fleek, I have to admit it. We experimented a bit with the lip colors (one of my favorite ones was a deep purple called “Préliminaire” that I wore to the Rochas after-party) and especially they eye, with my all time favorite wing. Curious to know which one of these looks is your favorite! xxx


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