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Being back in Los Angeles has been an absolute delight. As much as some people might point out everything that’s wrong with L.A, it is undeniable that there’s something about it that’s extremely inspiring and liberating. It is “isolating” in a way as it is so spread out and you feel so tiny in this ginormous environment where so much is happening everyday. Obviously the entertainment industry is predominating and you can easily end up in line at Whole Foods with your favorite musician who’s just getting his apples. It is amazing to know all the incredible art that’s been created out here, from cinema to music. L.A is at the core of the media, which movies we watch and which music we listen to. And yet at times, this city can make you feel so small. Not necessarily in a bad way, more in a challenging, exciting way. You feel like nothing is impossible here.

I pinch myself every morning as I wake up and realize the endless possibilities that the day might take me through. You might be getting your coffee in the morning and meet someone that you’ll start vibing with and all of a sudden you’re taken on a whole other journey and it creates a chain of unexpected events. There’s a spontaneous feeling out here that I’ve rarely found elsewhere, a casual, mellow approach to life that eases any creative process and endeavor. People are out here to meet each other, to create relationships, to help each other get to where they need to be. Of course, not all of it is butterfly pink… there are many shady folks out here trust me, but L.A is indeed a networking heaven.

Of course, I have days where a think back about my life in Switzerland and what my routine used to be like then. I have a very sweet feeling towards these memories. And yet, I am so happy and excited about the now and what’s happening in this new chapter of my life. L.A, at least from my experience, has been good. So good. I’ve had the chance to stumble upon incredibly talented creatives, form new bonds and get inspired. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio obviously, so to be totally honest I’ve been in a total introspective dive, going through emotions, moods, sensations in order to put it all into the music. So days have been intense, filled with a lot of new experiences.

I love having these quiet moments, far away from the world, locked up in a dark studio just listening to sounds and writing words down. To be totally honest, nothing makes me more happy. I love the serenity, the peace that comes along with it. It’s so soothing and yet mentally challenging. Each time, I learn so much about myself, about life, about my environment and come out so uplifted and full after each session. Of course, I’ve also tried to enjoy being out and about although I didn’t have time yet to do all the fun things I wanted to, like go to the beach and watch the sunset, nike in venice or spend some time in Malibu. But since we’re here for a while, hopefully we’ll take some days off very soon.

Speaking about fashion, typically, my style has been so casual and easy going. I’ve been really into my good old, favorite staples. From my favorite leather jean to the must have white tee, I’ve kind of adopted the Californian etiquette of casual laid back style. Today’s look is all about that effortless feel with some details. I picked up this shirt while walking around on Melrose the other day. I fell in love with it : all about a good Girl Power vibe and with the brown hair, nothing’s better than a good olive shade. I intentionally picked it in the biggest size to wear it as a dress, although I do wear leather shorts underneath. To go along with it and to carry all my essentials for the day, I chose this beautiful Mulberry tote that I’ve been really loving! I got the chance to work with the brand in order to style a look around their new style of totes, perfect for a day out. I’ve been filling mine up with so many goodies! From headphones, to my mini laptop, it can fit literally a-ny-thing. Wishing you all a great week-end peeps xx

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