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Meet my twin

STYLE LAB LOOK II As I am writing this, I am literally melting in front of my computer. Okay, okay, I really can’t complain as the weather in Switzerland had been absolutely terrible for weeks, no wait, months! But I am seriously not used to live in a 35° temperature (white girl’s problems). All I want to do is lay like a clam on the beach, have my toes in some cool pool and sip some fresh milkshakes. That’s it. But here we go with a new Style Lab look that we shot while we were in Vancouver with the awesome Secret Location team celebrating their one year anniversary.

This time I wanted to do something new and completely different. Now the title might confuse you, this isn’t my actual twin (just so we’re clear…), it’s just me having fun with some wigs from the SL store. We were looking for an original second look and I really wanted to find a cool and surprising idea when I saw the presentation mannequins with their incredible wigs and said ”can I try that on?”, James looked at me like I was some kind of freak but in the end I think this outfit looks so much fun like this. It looks kind of like a secret agent outfit, but somehow also reminds me of Cleopatra. Hm… what do you think?

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