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Pictures by James Chardon

GLOWING LATE AFTERNOON On our short period of free time in Vancouver, James and I craved a little peacefull and romantic getaway at the beach. Not even to tan or swin, but just have a long walk before dinner while admiring the sunset. We haven’t picked any beach in particular as we just wanted to explore and discover something new, the spot where we landed was a real little gem. People were enjoying their cozy after-work picknick time. Some were hiking, or running. And some were just laying in the sand with friends enjoying good music. 

James and I had a long silent walk, we just wanted to enjoy this incredible view and memorize each second of this fabulous trip. We kind of fell in love with Canada, and this little walk made us appreciate each second of the adventure. Sometimes, it’s important to pause for a second, and just think about what you’re gratefull for. So go ahead guys, take a walk, by the beach, in town, in a parc, anywhere where you feel good and think about what makes you happy. You’ll feel so refreshed and motivated after that. I try to do that as often as I can, especially after a work-out or yoga session. Enjoy!

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PANTS : Windsor
SHOES : Topshop
BAG : Dior
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