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Some shoes to walk

My loves. Sorry that I’ve disappeared for a little while. Ever since we landed in New York, it was a whirl of shows, meetings, shows again, shootings with very little time to cool off. Today, we announced a meet & greet at the Lincoln Center to meet some of our NY readers and I have to say : I feel so full of positive vibes! It made me realize that I haven’t written an article for a while and I felt the urge all of a sudden to log in and talk with you all as I would usually do.

The weather in NY is absolutely insane at the moment : it’s cold and the wind makes it well… even colder. BUT no matter what, fashion week remains fashion week and we are having such a good time. So many gorgeous shows are going on and I have to say, I am enjoying every second of this experience. Especially now as I have a new social media to play with : Snapchat is ruling my life! I am obsessed with it. Fiona and I are having so much fun posting stupid videos of us singing in the car or dancing to any possible beat we can hear. Make sure to follow my feed for even more updates -> kristina_bazan

I can’t wait to be back in L.A as soon as possible to keep working on my music… I have to say, my brain is fully focused on it and my whole body just wants to be back at the studio to keep rehearsing, singing, composing and writing to get closer to the date when I’ll finally be able to share with you the fruit of this amount of hard work and passion. We should be back in L.A right after NYFW ends to attend a few event during Oscar seasons and then we might do Paris and Milan for a couple of days too!!! But nothing is 100% decided and I’ll for sure keep you updated as we’ll definitely organize more meet and greets for our Kaytour!

On this note, I am happy to share with you today a new look that I wore during Paris couture fashion week. You guys know how much I love total white looks. Well, I’ve been loving these Dior sparkly sneaks for a long time, but never really knew how to wear them! It turns out an ivory turtle neck and a pencil skirt is exactly what I was looking for to add some class with a sporty touch. Hope you guys will enjoy it! Speak to you all very soon. Lots of love.


COAT : Gérard Darel


SKIRT : Dior


BAG : Valentino 

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