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Miss cherie

Dior has always been one of those brands that completely transported me. This elegance, this romanticism… So timeless yet playful, bold yet sophisticated, sexy yet so clean. When I first discovered the Miss Dior Chérie scent, I knew that it’s fresh iconic scent was a meant to be. My mom got me my very first bottle for my 16th birthday. It was the day where from little girl, I started in fact to become a “Miss”.

Ever since, I’ve been wearing the perfume for special occasions. It stands on my beauty shelf like a statement and I open it from time to time to remind myself of it’s incomparable scent that bring back so many sweet memories. I’ve been a big fan of Dior’s beauty products for a long time now, from their incredible nail polishes, to eye shadows and lip sticks, I’ve tried it all and loved it. From the Crème de Rose lip balm to the Nude blush, it seems like each product is the exact one I was looking for.

Beauty has always been my big thing. I am so passionate about it and honestly, one day, creating my own line of cosmetics would be a dream. I have so many ideas and feel like there are still some gaps in the market where a new, fresh brand could fit in. Every time I create a new look, make-up is this final touch that makes the whole difference. And we all know that it’s about the details! A good make-up simply elevates it all to another level.

On these images, I’ve created a timeless, nude look with my beloved, symbolic cat eye. For the face, I’ve recently been wearing nothing else that RMS’s concealer. However on the checks, I’ve countered with Dior’s Nude bronzer and pinkish blush. Lips are color “Carré D’or” from their latest fall collection and shadow is “Versailles“. Of course, couldn’t shoot these images without my favorite pearl Mise En Dior earring. What do you guys think?



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