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Exploring the pacific rim

Pictures by James Chardon

LUXURIOUS BIT OF HEAVEN Okay so as I was editing the pictures, I seriously got a burst of nostalgia and just wanted to jump right in these pictures as they reminded me such great memories. As you may know, James and I decided to take some days off in Vancouver after finishing our lovely project with Secret Location. It was what we wanted to call ”our 3 days of pure holidays”, I didn’t even post, which is honestly not normal for me… So we wanted to be really serious about that! And we decided to indulge, like crazy actually and explore one of the best hotels of Vancouver : the Pacific Rim. 

Famous I think first of all because of it’s top location (close to the center as well as to the port, with the floatplane rides right next to it, adding to the list an absolutely mesmerizing view) but also because of it’s standarts. The hotel has a huge capacity and you’ll definitelly never get bored as just by walking in the lobby you’ll hear music and people everywhere. They have a lovely pool which catches some sun in the afternoon, perfect for a break with some cocktails. Enjoy these images loves, and here’s a really good spot if you’re ever in Vancouver (their breakfast is to die for, crab and avocado eggs benedict anyone?).

DRESS : Gerard Darel
SHOES . Zara
NECKLACE : Brandy Pham
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