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Louis vuitton colors in geneva

One of the most emblematic places for me in Geneva is definitely the Hotel Des Bergues (also known as the Four Seasons hotel, but the other appellation just sounds much better doesn’t it?). Located right in the city center, this hotel breathes luxury and elegance in such a special way. It is an iconic place here in the city and I was so happy to be able to create this set of images there.

My favorite restaurant in fact is located on the top floor of the hotel, it’s called Izumi and it’s absolutely delicious (yes, my love for good Japanese food remains)!!! So of course when Louis Vuitton informed me that they were re-opening a new space for woman’s wear in Geneva’s gorgeous boutique, I couldn’t have been more excited and we definitely needed to do something about it.

I had the chance to explore the hotel from inside out for two days while I was in the city in between several trips. I feel like I’ve been literally living in hotels these past couple of months. My life is basically a pack, unpack, check-in, check-out, but I somehow manage to make it feel like home no matter where I go. The most important is surrounding yourself with people you love and bringing some things that are close to your heart no matter where you go.
During my stay, I had the big pleasure to wear some beautiful new Louis Vuitton pieces. It just seems like I am very much into the yellow and blue combo! I’ve always loved a little retro inspiration and let me tell you that this dress is an absolute yes. I love how playful and chic it looks, mixed up with these shoes and bag, it seems to be the ideal match. I hope you guys will enjoy discovering the images from this new collaboration we had with maison Vuitton, and don’t wait to discover the new space at the boutique in Geneva, it sure is magical.

 Total look Louis Vuitton

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