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Festival season shopping list

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Here we are back again with a brand new shopping list for you guys with some of my current cravings for the festival season. The reason why we are currently in Los Angeles is in order to attend the Coachella music festival which is taking place this week-end as well as the next one and I have to say : I am more than excited. I actually can’t wait!

I’m all about bringing a chic touch to my festival looks, so even if you’ll see me sporting some ripped denim shorts, it’s going to be paired with a chic printed top and the perfect structured boot. I do believe in elegance anywhere and at any time!

This list is all about that, being fun, comfy and fashionably ready for the upcoming festivities while rocking new colors and trends. As much as I love the laid back cali look, I feel like this season we need to bring in some high fashion! Enjoy your shopping loves :) x

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