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So yesterday night, I finally landed in Los Angeles after spending a little while in NYC for the Governor’s Ball. If you guys follow me on Snapchat and Instagram, then you might have already seen all the rave about it : it was seriously tons of fun! I am so happy as I got to do so many music festivals lately, from Coachella to Primavera in Barcelona to now the Governor’s ball… It makes me feel so extremely inspired for my music which is honestly so fantastic. I’ve been having such emotionally intensive weeks lately that in terms of songwriting content, it’s been going out of the roof. You know, moving to L.A changed a lot for me. Meeting so many new people and facing such a different culture led me to actually get to know myself better as well and to find my inner bearings in very strong way.

Everyday I actually learn something new about myself and about my close friends. It’s such a beautiful learning experience. Being led out in the world like that, to run wild and free anywhere can be a brutal thing if your values are not deeply anchored in your heart. You can very quickly get lost and forget where you’re coming from and the very reasons of why you’re doing what you’re doing, or where you are actually headed. Hollywood has that effect on a lot of people and well, I’ve definitely faced some weird situations so far. But knowing myself so well, want I want, who I trust, why I moved here, keeps my head grounded and having loving friends to always help me keep track of reality is everything. Surrounding yourself with realistic, loving and caring people is everything. It will keep your mind and head clear and allow you to move forward while making the right decisions, ones that resonate with your heart and not will to succeed not matter what.

I’ve been working on my music like a mad person. I know I don’t share that aspect of my life that much with you but I promise you that it’s on the way… It’s still a side of me that’s very vulnerable, which I protect a lot. It’s a deeper,  would even say darker part of my personality that only my closest friends know and well, putting out so publicly will be a beautiful challenge. I write whenever I feel strong emotions and each song is filling with a lot of power. I can’t wait to share more of that part of my life with you. Music truly heels my soul, it helps go through anything in life. It is one of my biggest bearings in fact. No matter what, I’ll always have a pen, a piece of paper and my voice to give life to the sounds, the words and the images I see in my mind. The studio and conference rooms at record labels or management companies have been my daily routine. And it’s not really snapchat content appropriate : my brain is so focused during these meetings that I can hardly even check the time so imagine squeezing in a little snap. But I can promise guys, it’s all happening and I am beyond excited for everything that’s on the way.

On that note, I realized I’ve never shared with you these awesome shots we took during Coachella while wandering around in the desert. That weekend was so, so much fun. Incredibly inspirational and uplifting! If there’s one thing I can recommend, it’s definitely to get yourself some tickets for next year guys cause it’s worth every penny and the most amazing memories possible. Hope you’ll enjoy this little series! x


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