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The hills


Red eyes… These dreadful red eyes. No, I am not talking to you about what happens to your eyes after you’ve been kept awake all night doing a movie marathon on Netflix, no. I am talking about you know, this particular one flight that departs from Los Angeles and arrives overnight in New York and leaves very little finesse in your general outlook and mood. A few days ago, I landed in New York after catching one of these flights and needless to say, it’s 1.30am and I am still not able to sleep. Jet lag got ahold of me! So I am spending my night sipping on a drinks from my mini bar (thanks to the Ace for strawberry lemonades), writing songs, thinking about what I’m gonna eat for breakfast tomorrow (my perpetual thought… if you see me one day stare somewhere for a while while being really pensive, I’m probably wondering what I am going to eat next) and googling a lot of random things…

Okay so obviously I am not jet lagged because of that red eye thing… I mean there’s not a big time difference between L.A and NY in the end but I still haven’t recovered from it ever since I got back from Europe. Ah, Europe. How I miss it sometimes! As much as I am such a big lover of the States and especially L.A which became my beloved bubble of sunshine and a creativity temple, I do miss my long walks in these little rocky streets, reading books in the park, the long, deep, philosophical conversations about life, love and everything that comes along, this effortless lifestyle, this european laziness and preference for the “au naturel”, the cheese, the slight arrogance, the cultural diversity and all the beautiful languages (still trying to get ahold of Italian!), the wine (and cheese), the modesty, the cheese and finally, oh yes the cheese… did I mention it already? Oh Europe, Europe.

It’s crazy how living in the U.S made me realize how deeply European I am. If that even makes sense? I love comparing both cultures, it is so intriguing. I do need a bit of both worlds. I want to be in Spain, in Italy, in England, in Switzerland, in France, in New York, in L.A… EVERYWHERE at the same time! Travelling truly became an addiction to the point where I simply cannot live without it. I start missing my friends who are all spread around world, the diversity, the idea of never knowing what to expect and being confronted to new things all the time. So even though L.A is such a paradise, I feel the need to go back to Europe in a few weeks and especially catch up with all my beloved friends and family in Switzerland that I haven’t seen in ages. It’s definitely a plan.

Meanwhile today, I am excited to share with you new pictures from my beloved city of Angels. After a long trip in Mexico, James finally came back. We met up and my amazing friend’s place to shoot these images by the pool with the most perfect afternoon light. For the occasion, I wanted to wear something really summery and chic, something you’d wear to a nice pool side cocktail party or to hang out with your friends (for the high waist denim option) and these both looks are from the gorgeous new 7FAM x Giambattista Valli collection. I am completely obsessed with the cut of the jeans that is so flattering. Plus they are super stretchy which is ideal for travel! Now the dress is also so nice, it has this beautiful white, light fabric that’s perfect for hot days. Don’t miss on checking the whole collection guys : it’s gorgeous!




DRESS + HIGH WAIST DENIM : 7FAM x Giambattista Valli

SHOES : Wedges, Chanel / Flats, Forever 21

TOP : Zara

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