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Loving gold at coachella day i

Since many years, I’ve heard friends of mine attending what’s supposed to be the best music festival of the year, a music festival I have personally never heard of… Of course, I couldn’t have missed the news for any longer. Each year, Coachella has been the trending topic in all dinner conversations, which obviously got me very curious about it. After checking the line up of the previous years, I realized that I was living under a proper swiss rock because I couldn’t believe I’ve missed it all without even knowing that it existed. I seriously needed to get the tip of my nose out there.

So after craving and looking at everybody’s pictures from the festival last year, it was decided for us : this year we want to do it! And so we did. Thanks to Guess, we had the huge honor and pleasure to attend Coachella as VIP guests of the brand.

Music has always been such an important part of my life. I actually feel like music is a part of all our lives, it’s our living soundtrack. It’s what makes us dance, what gets us running, what makes us sometimes cry. Music is magical, overwhelming, exciting and so empowering. Having the chance to spend three days in such a creative environment, surrounded by incredibly inspirational people sounded like heaven to me. And it ended up being even better than that.

Unfortunately (or luckily) we couldn’t get our camera in the festival, but all I can say is that there was a real magic in the air. The space was infused with freedom and creativity. People were dancing, smoking, kissing, partying, enjoying the times of their lives, not caring about anything, right here, right now, in this moment, than enjoying themselves and giving all they have to the music. It was… truly beautiful and overwhelming to me.

Since it is my first Coachella article I gotta brief you guys a little about my pretty special outfit choices for this season’s festival. I usually don’t like to follow the lead trends, instead I like to play with my rules and create my own dress codes. Maybe that’s just the kind of weird freak I am… but oh well…! So for me it was a big no to fringe, denim or what so ever. I wanted to bring some chic and elegance to Coachella, which actually even got the attention of the Harper’s Bazaar who listed my looks among the top ones of the festival.

That day precisely, I decided to wear this super sexy and light Finders Keepers jumpsuit with my new favorite Guess sunnies, a beautiful Valentino bag from Monnier Frères, in which I put a pair of ballet flats as I wasn’t going to jump in the crowd with my Chloe mules and of course some of my favorite golden jewels by Hoorsenbuhsand Elena Votsi (feel free to check if you’re also a big gold lover like me). Hope you guys will enjoy this set of images! Lots of love x.


JUMPSUIT : Finders Keepers

BAG : Valentino from Monnier Frères

SHOES : Chloe

SUNNIES : Guess (Similar Here)

RING & CHAIN BRACELET :  Hoorsenbuhs

CUFF : Elena Votsi


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