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White out

This couture season was definitely something… I am sure you guys understood it from my latest entries : we had a blast! I have to say, since the beginning of this year, I couldn’t have felt more closer to you all and I think it has also been because of my choice to open up to you all even more and nurture our relationship on another level. Re-launching my Twitter has been the best decision ever, I feel like it really allows me to stay in touch with all of you, to interact, re-twit, favorite your messages. Progressively, we are growing such a beautiful community! Not to mention Snapchat which is SO much fun! (psst it’s : kristina_bazan)

As you might know, on Kayture’s 4th birthday, we sent out 5 gift boxes to some of our long time, to the bone, loyal readers who have been following the blog with so much love and dedication for ages to thank them for everything. I got informed that some of them already got the gifts! Seing their beautiful, happy faces just made me so incredibly excited! It makes me want to do these kind of things even more and more. That’s why, during our stay in Paris, we decided to announce a meet and greet after one of our main shows. So many of you showed up despite the rain : we hugged, made tons of pictures, videos, exchanged wishes, gifts and just laughed so much.

Because many of you sent also letters to my hotel room, I felt like I’ve never been that close to you and that made me realize that it’s what I love the most about what I do : is to be able to meet you guys, inspire you and get inspired by your words, create a positive movement and spread love and kindness, push each other to the limits and encourage ambition and drive towards the biggest dreams. I hope to do it through my blog and hopefully, soon with music. It’s my goal to keep going and well, I can’t wait to do even more meet & greets with you all this year.

These images were shot right after the Elie Saab show, it was a rainy day with a big gray sky, but there was still something quiet special in the air… I think that’s just Paris : it’s always charming and beautiful, isn’t it? I was initially supposed to wear a total Elie Saab look but because I was afraid to freeze and get the skirt wet, I decided to go with something slightly more weather appropriate, some boots from Vuitton, wide leg pants from Zara, a cozy turtle neck from H&M and one of my favorite bags of the season from Chloé! Don’t worry, I’ll still show you the Elie Look in a couple of days, wait until you see ;)

Pictures by Valentina Frugiuele (@fwstreetstyle)


TURTLE NECK : H&M (Similar Here or Here)

TROUSERS : Zara (Similar Here or Here)

SHOES : Louis Vuitton(Similar Here)

BAG : Chloé (or Similar)

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