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Sharp angles


I am absolutely thrilled to share with you all today this new set of images which I personally feel like stand out of anything I have ever really done before… As you may know, I’ve had an absolutely fabulous experience and relationship with Louis Vuitton and their incredible team since years now. Working with the house has definitely contributed to the growth of Kayture and I’ll forever be grateful for their trust in me, as cheesy as it may sound. To be totally honest, it almost feels like their team are part of our family now. We’ve spent so much time together, shared so many precious moments… All of this to say, I am very passionate and dedicated to the house.

We’ve all witnessed the exciting evolution of Vuitton’s aesthetic, especially ever since the arrival of the genius of Nicolas Gesquière. It feels like the codes are shifting as he’s creating a completely new silhouette and reshaping the Louis Vuitton woman into this new, modern, emancipated, adventurous character who’s more effortless and edgy. There’s this intriguing Parisian nonchalance infused all in the designs. It goes from retro, to pop, to rock and it just doesn’t stop.

It feels to me like it is quiet representative of the way Ghesquière portrays this new artistic direction : it’s about these old indie french movies where you don’t really get what the plot is all about but you keep watching because you’re so fascinated by the beautiful images… I am thinking Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, or even better, their daughter and Nicolas’s actual current muse : Charlotte Gainsbourg. When it comes to international references, I can’t help myself but thinking of this iconic 70ies vibe. Visions from “Clockwork Orange” keep popping in my head…

It truly feels like Nicolas Ghesquière is telling a poetic story behind each one of his pieces, and I can’t even tell how incredibly inspiring it was to attend the last show during Paris fashion week and see how he so remarkably  managed to take such a big house hold as Vuitton and make it his own. I was in such awe, that I ran backstage with my friend Anne-Catherine to wait for him in hope to get a picture or exchange a word while everybody else was rushing out for street style shots. I had a very intense fan-girling moment…

The silhouette he showed ever since he arrived is so unique and different from anything I’ve seen… I could recognize a Louis Vuitton piece by Ghesquière amongst hundreds of racks. I just could. And this only demonstrates how strong, precise and clear his idea needed to be. He managed to not only make pieces that would obviously become commercially successful (it’s also an important part of the game, let’s not forget) but he made a statement which he perpetuated in all of the shows he’s done with Vuitton so far : he kept a linearity and reinforced, show by show his intention.

But now, enough about my love for Nicolas Ghesquière… I think you all got my point : I am a little bit obsessed… It’s time to talk about these images. So the reason why they’re different is that we not only shot in a completely new context, we also used a new method to shoot these images and I decided to give up on my signature eye liner to try something more effortless and casual. We went up in Gstaad that week-end and stayed at the breathtaking Alpina hotel which had the most gorgeous interior and was filled with stunning art pieces, some we even used for this shoot. We were walking around the panorama suite with our little portable flash, capturing stolen moments.This is my interpretation of the new Louis Vuitton woman. I wanted to create a series of graphic images with a lot straight lines and an im-perfect feel. I wanted it to be less preppy, less pretty and just more easy going and artistic . I hope you’ll enjoy discovering this set of images!


Images shot at the hotel Alpina in Gstaad

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