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The girl in the red dress

The title of this article should have probably been “My twist on the Elmo chic look” . I read somebody make that comment on my Instagram and it seriously made me laugh so hard because it’s partly true! Now that I look at this outfit, I can’t see myself as anything but a little preppy Elmo strolling through the streets of Paris. If Moschino can play with the Barbie concept, I can for sure bring my muppet twist to this gorgeous dress! In fact, I was so excited to wear it as it is an exclusive, unique piece in the world that was created by Chloé for a special Vogue US editorial. It seems like Anna Wintour ended up not using it and thankfully, I got my hands on it. It’s truly an honor to wear such a work of art. At first glance it seemed like a challenge to style it up but all the details seemed to fall into place.

That morning, I was excited like a little monster. The moment I was waiting for all month finally arrived! The Louis Vuitton show is always one of my biggest highlights of fashion month, and it is even more for me now that the genius of Nicolas Ghesquière is behind it all. So obviously some Vuitton details were a must to punctuate this sensational look. A little Malle clutch in red, one of their beautiful belts and of course the patent shoes. But that’s not it, in the context of our collaboration with LoveGold I had the pleasure to style some Solange Azagury-Partridge, former Creative Director at Boucheron.

Solange’s jewellery can be found in Paris at her newly opened boutique at the Hotel Costes.

Their pieces are so exquisite, luxurious and twisted at the same time. All made out of high carat gold, I picked most of the jewels which had red accents such as this heart pendant and octopus ring. I also loved with this little lip ring, so quirky and playful at the same time. It’s a very versatile piece that makes a great statement on the hand. I do enjoy jewels that have a touch of humour, it brings luxury to a completely different level when each piece has a little story behind it. It actually makes for even better gifts to your loved ones.

The Vuitton show, as always a pure dream. You can read my thoughts about it on this image I posted right after the show. Once it finished, I felt so overwhelmed with emotions. It was so well done, a perfect balance of everything. Instead of heading out right away as usual to get some street style shots, I decided to stay inside and wait backstage in order to meet Nicolas and congratulate him on this wonderful new collection. He was busy enough with interviews, but it was a delight to just stay there and stare at him adoringly. Because that’s what I like to do… huhu. It was such an honor to witness such an important moment in the fashion industry and I am so excited to see how it’s going to impact what we will see on the market in the coming months. Cheers to that and don’t miss checking it out on!


DRESS : Chloé (Similar Here & Here)

SHOES : Louis Vuitton

BAG : Louis Vuitton

BELT : Louis Vuitton

JEWELS : Solange Azagury-Partridge courtesy of LoveGold

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