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Let the magic begin


It’s been weeks that I’ve been teasing you guys on social media about a highly exciting project I’ve been working with one of my favorite luxury brands. It turns out, after the success of our first collaboration, Cartier and Kayture are partnering up again to share with you moments of Winter magic and bring you on a fairy tale of an adventure through the world of the iconic house. So buckle up! We’re up for a little ride.

The simple idea of receiving anything Cartier as a present from your family or beloved one is so symbolical. It’s a piece you know you’ll keep forever no matter what. Each creations transports you through a different story and you build such strong connections with each jewel you own, imagining that they give you the strength and confidence while being now part of the precious treasures you’ve assembled through your life. Not to forget that the box itself, come all dressed up in festivity, isn’t red the perfect color any type of celebration?

As I was invited to visit the brand new Cartierstore in Geneva, I got fully immersed in the hypnotizing history and heritage of the brand. If there’s obviously the biggest quality and care behind each piece, there’s definitely something even more special about them than that. There’s something mystical about them. Each jewel, they all have something utterly magical about them, perhaps it’s the way these diamonds shine, or that the gold reflects the lights of the room : the pieces truly transport me. I hope these pictures will transport you too. Get ready for the part II which is coming up super soon!


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