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Lifestyle getaway at the fouquet’s barriere

Pictures by James Chardon

LUXURY ESCAPE IN PARIS Before talking about the wonders that James and I have prepared for this article and our incredible stay in Paris at the hotel Fouquet’s Barrière I wanted to tell you guys how much I’ve missed you all!!! Even though I’ve wrote and article on New Year’s Eve wishing you all a super happy beginning of 2014, I had the pleasure to enjoy some “holidays” far away from my computer for several days. So no posting on the blog… but I still had to catch up on my favourite TV shows (Revenge, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM here I come!!!). There were some mornings where it almost felt kind of weird as I was the first one to head onto Kayture to make sure that the new article is properly online. Several times, I did have to tell my self, girl, you got to relax : no posts on Christmas holidays. Also a great thing is that you’re not the only one on holidays! Most of our partners and friends were too, so no risk of missing any e-mail or having to hop on this quick call while you’re having a lunch with your folks. I’ve been enjoying some time with my family and have been literally hibernating for a couple of days. I had the big pleasure to spending some quality time at home, without going out and to be totally honest it’s one of the best things ever. I’ve been working religiously on music for months now so having the chance to have some free time to practice and write was just amazing. I’ve got several songs that are ready, some are almost finished but I can’t wait to share with you more about this new adventure. I’ve also been preparing some new articles and looks for Kayture, as well as filmed some new videos for the blog which will be hopefully be released as soon as possible as well!

With all of that being said, I am back in force and with bags of motivation and energy ready to bite in year 2014 as if it was a juicy fruit of the gods. And here we go with this first article of 2014 about our amazing experience at our new parisian home away from home : the hotel Fouquet’s Barrière. Not only is it the spot where Beyoncé and Jay-Z stay when they are in France (talk about a high quality standard…) but it’s also the place where we stayed during last Paris fashion week (and we’re also cool, so that makes sense… I hope!). Since James and I are so into lifestyle, there’s one thing we pay attention to more than anything else and it’s definitely the service : the team, the staff, the little details and attentions. We couldn’t be welcomed by a friendlier staff and oh my holy grail of heaven how incredible is the food. If France is known for it’s culinary skills, well the Fouquet’s Barrière most definitely confirms the rumors. The menu is super gourmet but also full of healthy choices perfect for a nice lunch break. I definitely suggest the salmon fillet, which is probably the best one I’ve ever had. Like ever (okay I am hungry now). The rooms are super cozy and sweet, they have that old movie kind of feeling which makes you feel like some kind of diva while getting ready to head out in town. This is the first part of this awesome high style experience, make sure to stay updated for the second part of the adventure!

TOP : Jo No Fui
SKIRT : In Love
BRACELET : Louis Vuitton
RING : Alex Mika
SHOES : Oscar Tiye
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