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I’m ready for you 2014!

Pictures by Ellin Anderegg

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE LOVES!It is quite insane how fast time flies. It feels even quite stressful and scary sometimes I must say… but also extremely fascinating isn’t it? Looking back at all the experiences and goals achieved in 2013, I can’t be anything but happy and proud yet also so motivated and excited for all the things to come. My family and I have always celebrated New Year in family, by setting up a giant feast (essentially with traditional Russian food!) and always watched Russian TV on the 31st as all the special New Year’s Eve stories and movies were on air. We would exchange gifts and just enjoy the evening while thinking about all the crazy things that the next year awaits for us. Then when I grew up, I started celebrating with my friends which was also so much fun. In each case we would say goodbye to all the goods and bad of the year spent and welcome with arms wide open everything that’s to come.

I thought a long time about what I wanted to say in this post. First of all because it seemed quite right to do a recap of all the things that happened (I also didn’t want to bother you with my list of resolutions which is mainly about going more to the fitness club and eating less sweets…what can I say, I genuinely love macarons…).I wanted to talk about the achievements, the challenges, the adventures and the incredible memories gathered throughout these 12 months, but Kayture’s 3rd year anniversary is coming up very soon (on the 11th of January) and I’ll keep preciously all my stories until then.

Instead of that, this is what I want to tell you : 2014 is going to be the year of the new beginnings. If 2013 was essentially all about developing Kayture, our goal next year is to concentrate on all the new ideas that we gathered. Not only is the new Kayture going to be released soon, we are also working on some extra projects that will be revealed step by step. If you follow Kayture since the beginning then you might know that I’ve had one dream since I am 4 years old. And that is to sing and be an entertainer. As a blogger, I feel like I already apply to the entertainment field as James and I produce content with the will of inspiring people, making them dream and have a little 5 minutes escapes in their routine to jump into another world through images and texts shared. 

My family always remembered me as I a little performer, I was singing, dancing and acting throughout my whole childhood and took all the possible classes in that field that existed in my region. I danced ballet more than 6 years, took some musical comedy lessons, I was in an acting school for 2 years and then started singing lessons and got into a band during high school years. Throughout most of my teenage years, I wrote songs and killed the ears of my neighbors by singing my heart out at home every afternoon after school when my parents were still at work. Then I decided to pause on everything to put all my heart and energy into Kayture. Thanks to the blog we’ve learned so much about the industry and met so many incredible people : we’ve gained experience, grew up and now that our business, life and general work is more stable I feel like it’s time, more than ever, to get back into singing. And when I mean get back : I mean do it at a 100% with all my soul, devotion and motivation. I had this dream since I was 10 apples high. And I think I’ll regret it all my life if I let it go. 

So our first big project announcement for next year is this folks, and you can stay updated for news in the following days /weeks (especially on Instagram) : I’ll be kicking off 2014 with this singing goal in mind and can’t wait to take you all on this new journey as I am sure there will be a lot of challenges as well as incredible moments! The sky is the limit. To me, life isn’t about reading one book, or wearing one single perfume, eating only one type of food or trying only one sport : life is about being daring and adventurous. Living and doing what you love, listening to what your heart tells you and follow your guts and instincts to achieve those things. I know for sure that there’s a reason why I had to stop music and work exclusively on Kayture, if I didn’t invest all of my time in it, it probably wouldn’t have been where it is today. I feel like now is the time to start something new, something big. And my little pincky tells me that it can work. I want to be able to look back at my life and think that I’ve always tried, that I always fought and that I was smart yet passionate enough to find the right way to do it. No regrets. 

I wish you all a happy new year my darlings. Life is so exciting and interesting, you can choose what to make of it : I wish you only the best in 2014, may all your dreams come true. And may you always have the energy, courage and love to follow your heart and ambitions.
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