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Ho ho ho!

Pictures by James Chardon

 CHRISTMAS MOOD : ON!I have to say that I am not used to a big bright (kind of amercian-ized too) Christmas celebration with the huge tree, the big gift boxes, tons of foods etc… Since I was born in Minsk, Belarus, my family and I are used to celebrate Christmas in Januray and also in a completely different way. It’s more of a religious event so we’ve never been very creative with it and always sticked to the basics with the food, no gifts involved or what so ever. In the contrary, New Year’s eve was THE big thing. That’s where my mom always outdid herself in the kitchen and prepaired each year some incredible salads and desserts. Of course since we came to the USA and now that we live in Switzerland for more than 13 years, it seems obvious that with all the Christmas love going around that we kind of feel tempted to something special as well on the 24th and 25th. The previous years I had the pleasure to celebrate with James’s family and discover the typical traditions of a regular Christmas dinner. It was so much fun to see the whole ambiance and ceremony. This year I am so happy as my family and I are heading to our favourite restaurant who prepair each year a Christmas menu. We’ll enjoy some good food, a great talk and some relaxing time! We aren’t gifting ourselves presents, but we give oursleves toons love  and that’s for sure the best thing ever (I still couldn’t stop myself from buying some little sneaky presents for some of my friends!).

So… I invite you guys to switch of you computer and run spend some quality time with you beloved ones. Yes, yes you’ve heard me. TURN IT OFF! Kayture isn’t your priority anymore (although it should ALWAYS be) : now it’s time to put a onesie on and sip on hot chocolate all day while watching Home Alone. I am taking some days off from the blog as well as I think it’s so important that I get some quality time with all my friends and family during this short holiday, but you’ll for sure find me on Instagram! xxxx

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