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Principe di savoia

Pictures by James Chardon

LUXURY EXPERIENCE IN THE HEART OF MILANIt is my pleasure to share with you today this brand new luxury lifestyle article relating our incredible stay at the hotel Principe Di Savoia as we were in Italy last week for the fun Disaronno loves Moschino event. James and I are both so passionate about lifestyle and especially hotel experiences (thank god…otherwise we would probably hate travelling that much… although I do have some friends that really do hate not sleeping in their own bed) and so we decided that it was time for a new high style article about one of the most amazing hotels we’ve ever stayed at. The Principe belongs to the Dorchester collection hotels (some of the best hotels in the world such as the Dorchester itself in London, The hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris, the Richemond in Geneva and so on) which is by itself already a remarkable symbol of quality and luxury. But the interesting fact about the Principe is that it’s one of the oldest 5 star hotels of Milan and I love how they preserved their heritage and tradition by keeping the architecture and the whole ambiance so timeless. We had the chance to explore the hotel for a few hours as we arrived in Milan and our first stop was at their amazing restaurant Acanto where we enjoyed a delicious sunny meal. We had some soups, fish and of course coffee and cakes for dessert (Italian coffee is the holy grail… it really is… I couldn’t stop ordering cappucinos and I am not even such a big fan of coffee usually). 

All the decorations in the hotel were already set up so I was totaly feeling the Christmas mood going all over the place, and my my was it looking amazing. We had only one full day and a half to spend in Milan and for the first time we wanted to spend it entirely at the hotel instead of going in town. First of all we had quite a lot of work to finish and took advantage of this peacefull ambiance and cozy rooms to take our computer and answer some emails. Ever since we get to travel so much, I notice that both James and I (I would even say James a little more than me!) became so aware of every detail : from the rooms, to the little attentions, to the service and restauration. We are quite picky… Is it a bad thing? Since we got the chance to explore a lot of incredible places we like to pay attention to every single detail and rank the place just for fun for our own repertoire. When you get to spend 70% of your time in hotels, it is so important to feel comfortable and taken care of (having a good wi-fi connexion is everything… add to that a perfect breakfast and you got the winning combo) and I can definitely guarantee that we felt so sheltered and cozy at the Savoia and adored the experience from A to Z. Everything from the small little things (like the Aqua Di Parma beauty products in the bathroom, to the fruit plate and dark italian chocolates they brought in our rooms on our arrival) to the general outlook of the hotel was stunning. So next time you’re in Milan and want to have dinner, a fashionable drink or enjoy one of most amazing stays ever, think about the Principe di Savoia and tell them you came from Kayture :) 

BAG : Gucci 
SUNNIES : Céline 
TOP : Lavish Alice 
COAT :Marciano 
BOOTS : Guess
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