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Pictures by James Chardon

CHANNELING GABRIELLE For those of you who read me daily and follow the blog since the beginning, then you might know what I have a strong symbolical and emotional bond with my most beloved jewelry pieces. Even though I do enjoy a gorgeous statement necklace, I am much more into smaller jewelry pieces that have a proper meaning to me and that I like to wear for myself and only for myself without thinking if it fits to an outfit. It’s these kind of pieces that hold within this little something that gives you strength and courage during the day : just like a lucky charm. And so when I saw Pandora’s new Essence collection I fell instantly in love. It’s such a chic and stylish new offering. The whole concept is that the bracelet becomes, thanks to the various charms that you can pick out individually, an extension of it’s wearer’s inner beliefs. Each stone helps to express and remind the person who wears it of their core values. So it’s not just a bracelet anymore, it has a real spiritual aspect to it that I love so much and that makes it so unique and different. I find it so cool since you can really customize your own bracelet so that it fits perfectly to your personality or your style. You choose! I say both. 

 Isn’t it such an awesome concept? Since I loved it so much, we decided to partner with Pandora to create 3 different bracelets inspired by 3 different women that inspired and still inspire me to strive and grow into the best me that I can. In this article I am channelling my inner Gabrielle Chanel, who has truly been an icon and a legend that I have been looking up to ever since I studied her for my senior’s essay. She had a revolutionary way of seing things and did her own thing without caring about what the other people thought. And she was right all the way through. She took part in the women’s revolution and our acceptance in the business world. Her aesthetics, so timeless and elegant remain for me my biggest inspiration ever. It was so obvious to me that my first bracelet would be about her. That way every time I look down at my wrist, Coco can give me daily some of her wisdom and courage. I thought that the pearls that I’ve chosen are the most adequate to fit her unique personality : courage, strength, confidence and wisdom. With Christmas is on it’s way, this incredible Essence collection from Pandora makes such a cool meaningful gift to connect with your beloved ones. It’s also such a great conversation starter and so fun to compare bracelets with friends to see how different your characteristics are! Hope you’ll love the images, enjoy loves and have a great week-end x 

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