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The essence of grace

My loves. Hope you had an absolutely fabulous week-end, full of joy, love, rest and fun. I’ve been super busy these past two days working on my music. Working, learning, improving, working, learning, improving and back again. From rehearsals on saturday to two acoustic music video shoots on sunday, we had a pretty busy week-end. But completely magical to be totally honest with you. I can’t wait to tell you more about everything, but all I can say is that tomorrow I’ll be revealing for the very first time to all of you a song that I wrote, and that means sooooo incredibly much to me. So make sure to tune in, tomorrow morning to discover this new song!

Meanwhile I am extremely excited to share with you these new incredible pictures I shot with my very dear friend, and above all mega talented photographer, Phillippe Girard (make sure to check out his personal website or Facebook page, he’s just so incredible) evolving around one of my favorite jewelry line of the moment : the Pandora essence collection. 

As you may remember, in the previous article I channelled Gabrielle Chanel through a bracelet that represented this timeless figure’s inner beliefs and most striking abilities. This time my inspiration is Grace Kelly, one of my dearest icons that I’ve always been so fascinated with, for her elegance, for how feminine she is and her timeless looks.

Even though I love big statement pieces from time to time, you might know that I am all about that perfect, delicate jewelry piece you can wear on a daily basis, and especially the one that has a special emotional meaning to me. So obviously I totally fell in love with Pandora’s new Essence collection as it has such a deep spiritual value. Each stone represents a value, and is individually selected in order to represents it’s wearer’s inner values and beliefs and to become a lucky charm, the perfect bracelet unique for each individual and a reminder of some of the most important, timeless things in life. In this case, to me Grace Kelly was all about Prosperity, Loyalty and Happiness.

A gigantic thanks to the hotel Richemond in Geneva for allowing us to create such wonderful images in their suite. It was a mesmerizing experience, we can’t be more grateful. Also guys, you HAVE to give it up for my talented peep Loic Hauck (@loic_hairstylist on Instagram or Facebook here) who did this amazing hair style on me! Like seriously, how can you be that talented!?

See you tomorrow for the reveal of my new music video… it’s going to be … awesome (crossing fingers!!!) (aaah so nervous)!


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BRACELET : Pandora Essence Collection

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