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Q & a with kristina part ii

Hey loves! Hope you had a fabulous morning. I had some issues with my Youtube upload as I was preparing this video (was initially planning to post it around breakfast time, but oh well guess it’s going to be more of a brunch entertainment!!) but here it is finally, the second part of our new Question & Answers series and we’re talking this time about fashion. Thank you so much for contributing your questions, I hope that I did a good job answering to most of them as I have chosen the ones that were the most reoccurring! Now don’t hesitate to send it some more with the hashtag #askkristina on Twitter or Instagram (Twitter is even better!) or just leave a comment bellow!

I am super excited to talk with you about my experience in fashion so far. It’s such a fascinating world and even though it seems just like glitters and bold prints from the outside, it’s actually such a huge business wheel on the inside. Fashion moves so quickly and you have to constantly adapt to the new needs of the clients, it’s a domain that evolves with society and that shapes it also in some sorts of way in my opinion.

But to me, all those pretty dresses, nice shoes and bags, are definitely not everything. It’s like chocolate, you looooove it, but you can easily live without it. It just would be pretty damn sad, no? Though some people hate chocolate (I personally prefer anything that has caramel in it…. YUM). The most important is the person who wears the piece, how they wear it : what makes it special in their eyes and the story they bring to it. I hope you guys will have fun watching this video.

P.S I already announced on my social medias that I’ll be leaving with James to New York this February for fashion week and especially to attend the BOSS fashion show!! We’ve worked already several times with the Hugo Boss team on some super successful projects (in Berlin and in Shanghai, do you guys remember?) full of discoveries and surprises and I can only expect the best for this time as it’s going to be the very first collection of Jason Wu, new creative director of womenswear, for BOSS!! I am honored to share with you some little preview images of the campaign shot by the talented couple Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin featuring the absolutely breathtaking model of the year Edie Campbell. The streaming of the show will go live on Fabruary 12th, make sure to catch up on it :)

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