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Kristina bazan sings “awesome”

Here we are finally, there’s no turning back, although I wasn’t planning on turning, only moving forward! I am revealing to all of you guys for the very first time a song that I wrote. A song that I personally love, and that means a lot to me. This song “Awesome” has definitely been in my head for ages and I can’t believe that I am sharing it now with you…

Writing music has always been a very personal thing to me you know… I was always afraid to share it, and especially so afraid of being judged based on something so intimate and precious to me. Way before I started Kayture, I was already writing my own songs and singing them at home where no one could hear or see me. Luckily this blog brought me the confidence I needed to go further and pursue my dreams, and my dream is definitely to combine fashion and music together.

I bet that if you’re reading this text, you must have already watched the video. So I will spare the “before you watch this you have to know…” bla bla. Got you hein ;) Instead of this, I would absolutely love to explain to you a little bit about the essence of this song and how I came to write it.

I realized that in my daily life, I used the word awesome almost constantly. These shoes were awesome, this place was awesome, you were awesome, and just so many things were awesome. One thing I also understood is that I used this word only in moments where I felt very excited and happy, this word just bursted out of my mouth naturally. So I started wondering, what does “Awesome” mean to me and why do I love using this world so much instead of just saying “oh marvelous my darling” (of course with a highly sophisticated british accent).

Awesome seems just so effortless, natural and spontaneous compared to any other term. It’s better and more exciting that cool, yet it’s not as cocky as wonderful. It’s simple and it says how much you love something. Yet, it’s not too polished and definitely not a word you’ll use in a power point presentation. It’s a word you say when you’re with people you feel comfortable with. Your friends, your family, or even your beloved partner.

To me the best relationship that could ever be, is one that evolves around simplicity. Where harmony comes naturally and you look at each other thinking “gosh, you’re just so awesome”. There’s no need to say more, no need to say less. You love eating the same food, driving together, you watch movies late at night and it feels like time stops and things couldn’t be more perfect. This song is about all of this. And I truly, deeply hope you will enjoy this acoustic version of “Awesome”.

A big thanks to Marie Traube for the musical composition at the violin, Philippe Girard for directing and producing the video ( (…), to Loic Hauck for the great hair styles, to Fiona Zanetti for organizing the set up and above all for your constant and loving support and to all of you for the energy and motivation you give me everyday.

“Don’t ever stay in your comfort zone, do something daring and unexpected. Work hard, stay focused and dream big.”

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