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Chilling in the city

Pictures by James Vyn

THAT FEELINGI love the current weather, it’s not to hot not to chilly… And however I’m already worried about another darn weather swing. They announce rain and cold this friday, ouch. And still we continue making pictures with our Olympus as the Nikon we usually use is in reparation. Our focus wasn’t working and my my, we miss the baby so much. It really isn’t the same working with another camera.

Yesterday we were out in Geneva for some meetings and shopping stops in between. For the occasion I decided to play it comfortable and cool, so as I just received my order from My Wardrobe it was the occasion to wear my new perfect pair of spring pants by Iro (check these beauties out here)! I am madly in love with them, they are too (and I mean it) comfortable and cool looking. Enjoy the shots babes x. 

P.S : By the way, I am currently taking part in an exciting project with Vanity Fair, check out this link for more information, hope to get your support on this :)

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BLAZER : Minusey
TOP : Yes or No
SHOES : Guess by Marciano
CLUTCH : Mango
BRACELET : Nayla Arida through
NECKLACE : Lionette
SUNNIES : Windsor Store
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