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Colours on a rainy day

Pictures by James Vyn

DEAR MAJEThis week didn’t start that well for us, as you guys might know I was completely sick and stuck with a heavy flu at home the whole week-end and since you don’t get rid of a flu so easily I started the week with pretty low energy… Then, our camera broke. Beloved Nikon, why? It stopped making the right focus and we had to send it into reparation. And that is why we currently have to use our little Olympus (which we generally use for our videos) in order to make pictures.

Now the weather is quite annoying too. In Switzerland, or shall I say Freezerland, spring seems a little far away. All these conditions didn’t really motivate us to go out and make outfit pictures, but this morning I woke up and thought that seriously let’s ignore everything and just make the best of what we have. I wore some colours on a gray rainy day, we went to have asian food, had some drinks with a lovely friend and the day was just perfect. Verdict : always try to keep it positive!

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COAT : Maje
PANTS : Zara
SHIRT : Isabel Lu
BAG : Tory Burch
SHOES : Guess
NECKLACE : Lionette
SUNNIES : Windsor Store
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