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Pictures by James Vyn

SNOW IN VIENNAAs in this outfit, I was referred as the lady in pink, it happened not only in our hotel’s lobby but also at the restaurant where we had our lunch, ”the lady in pink ordered the ceaser salad”. Complicated as my mind is (or just freakishly annoying…) I kept thinking ”darn, my coat is peach, or salmon coloured…light orange okay but not pink”. Maybe that’s just me obsessing over colour facts. But anyway, I am quite fond of this new coat I just got at Zara. Little *clap clap* for the story of the day please.

These pictures were taken while we were in Vienna with Omega, and as soon as we got out it started snowing. Ah it’s already march and it feels like we’re in the middle of winter. Where are you sun? We definitely need you. Can’t wait to show you guys this week some more picture of this trip, we’ve met some pretty awesome people. By the way, if you aren’t already please feel free to follow my blog through Bloglovin, you’ll see it’s really gonna save you some time as it’s so easy and great to stay updated. Bisous!

COAT : Zara
SHOES : Bally
BAG : BCBG Maxazria
PANTS : Guess
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