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Arrival in barcelona

It may look hot and sunny and all summery but one thing is for sure : Barcelona, you were freakishly COLD this last time we came to visit you. Ah… I’ll always remember when last year, yes… Exactly one year ago, in february, we came to attend the 080 Mango fashion show and how Barcelona felt like a little oasis in the middle of the cold Europe we were living in. It was so hot and perfect, I could easily wear a dress and without any tights… a.k.a a dream. Well this time is far behind us now (little dramatic tear falls down my cheek).

This time, we were welcomed with a beautiful sun, gorgeous palm trees surrounding the incredibly gorgeous W hotel, but darn it…This wind was just killing it. Why oh why. To be totally honest with you, these are the kind of moments were I’m like… Gosh I’d rather stay in my cozy lil’ bed with a warm cup of tea. I felt a little bit like that at this moment. But you just gotta pull it somehow together. I mean I’ve seen worse than a bone freezing wind seriously… I watched as the runners passed me by (this long walk you can see on these pictures turned out to be the work out spot for many folks out there, made me feel super awkward for even thinking about a tea and blankets… I mean… those people are damn brave to run with this weather!!! I could probably never do that….)

Our arrival was no matter what, a pure delight. I couldn’t be more amazed by the view from our room at the W hotel… I honestly had goosebumps and jumped all over the place giggling and having some little screaming moments when I opened the door for the very first time. These are among the kind of moments where I feel so insanely privileged and out of words… For the outfit of the day, I chose something quite casual, comfy yet cool with these new Saint Laurent boots I got for sale while we were in Paris! Seriously, the sales at the Galeries Lafayette are just insanity. Sooo worth it. Definitely taking these babies with me in NY :)



COAT : Mango

BOOTS : Saint Laurent

TOP : Zara

BAG : Chanel

PANTS : Mango



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