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Come undone

As a digital generation, we all spend hours, days, weeks, the nose glued to our smart phones, computers, tv screens, absorbing all sorts of information in, getting heads filled up with all sorts of inspirations and cravings. Our gadgets are an extension of who we are and what we do. And I can say that as I am so extremely affected by it. I am entirely dependent of my computer and of my smart phone. Without them, well what would I do? I’d probably (most certainly) find a way to survive in the jungle but would I be given the same opportunities? I don’t think so.

Living in the digital era comes with it’s perks and downsides. We have the control in our hands to create, to analyze and understand due to the enormous amount of information available before our eyes. In just a couple of days thanks to Wikipedia I got to understand how musical royalties work without even getting out of the comfort of my room, at the same time I bought on amazon a book about music industry… My parents had to go to the book shop and ask for it, spend hours browsing through the shelves to find what they’re looking for. We are now able to gather communities, to be all connected together, to help each other, to build, to interact, all that thanks to internet.

At the same time, I can see myself glued to the bright screen of my smart phone from morning until bed time. It’s almost as I couldn’t consider living without it. Thanks to it I can stay in touch with people I love, like my family, James, my friends but also share my story with all of you. With that being said, I hate myself for being so tempted to look at my phone every three seconds… Especially during little friends get togethers or lunches. But what can I do? It’s bigger than me I guess.

Instagram has become part of my daily routine. It keeps a track of my life and if when I was 11, I was keeping a diary, Kayture and my personal Instagram account have become my public, reflecting and inspiration territory. Except that if 9 years ago I was writing for myself, now I share thoughts with millions. Which is kind of weird, but so cool too. A am a kid of the web, and I am so proud to be. I try now to live more in the reality and to make my actions count not only on my blog but also for the person I actually am in real life. Because it’s so easy to get isolated behind a clean, preppy online image. But it’s our actions, values and gestures that define who we really are.

I make no difference between my passion, the person that I am in those pictures, or the texts I write and the person I really am in real life. To be totally honest, I have nothing much to hide and have felt the need to share my feelings since a really early age… It’s funny because James for example, when he gets angry or sad, he’ll completely shut down and I know I need to give him his space because he doesn’t like to talk in these kind of situations. I for my part, need it. I need to express how I feel. There have been times, especially during travel, when we’d have an argument and since no friend was around I felt the urge to go up to the first person in the street and tell them all about my fight and just get a hug Obviously also get a confirmation for an external person that I was right and that James was wrong.

We are the online kids, and we should be grateful to be living in this period of opportunity. But again, as it is always in life, it’s all about finding the right, healthy balance. Heaving a beautiful Instagram feed can be very illusional, posting nice inspirational quotes doesn’t make you a good person, it’s what you do in real life that will define who you are. The way you are with your friends, family, with your neighbors or just society in general. And then you can come on the internet and reflect, inspire to grow better and just get inspired by beautiful community of talented, passionate folks. Here’s what I had to say today. The look you see today is me arriving in Paris straight from the train station. I often dress like that when I travel as it is the most comfortable option possible! A cute little cashmere sweater from J.Crew, jeans and a beautiful Chloé tote.



TOP : J.Crew

JEANS : Citizens of Humanity

BAG : Chloé (or Similar)

SHOES : Chanel (Similar)

NECKLACE : Cartier (Or Similar)

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